Aphelion Issue 250, Volume 24
May 2020
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Single-Celled Organism

by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Translated from Polish by Magda Woźniak

The aliens decided to show themselves. They have been here long since, but they camouflage perfectly. They observed us, came in, and left. Among them there were the representatives of some races and species. They assimilated quickly and we accepted their existence. Their children went to our schools.

They studied with us and lived among us.

They have a weakness – they loved cells. Each alien has a few with him.

Humans intercepted this stupid fashion. Some, however, opposed against it. Antek parents despite strong entreaties of offspring decided that he will have only one cell. Children played him up…

Green Hyryd waved his tentacles. He held cells and laughed at Antek: - You… you single-cell organism!

2019 Christopher T. Dabrowski

Christopher T. Dabrowski has published in the USA and Spain: Anomaly (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press), Escape (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press); in Poland: Deathbirth (2008 - Armoryka publishing house), Anima vilis (2010 - Initium publishing house), Grobbing (2012 - Novae Res publishing house), Deathbirth and other stories (2012 & 2017 - Agharta & Armoryka publishing house), Z życia Dr Abble (2013 - Agharta publishing house), Orgazmokalipsa (2016 - Alternatywne publishing house), Anomalia (Forma publishing house), Ucieczka (2017 - Dom Horroru publishing house); he has been included in anthologies in USA, Poland, Russia, and Germany, and has had stories published in PLAYBOY magazine (Slovak edition), USA, England, Czech Republic, Russia, Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Mexico

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