Aphelion Issue 253, Volume 24
August 2020
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Survivor Guilt

by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Translated from Polish by Magda Woźniak

Residents of the nearby blocks watched the tragedy taking place on the roof of the tenement in fascination. From the middle of January the castaways were stuck there – survived the crash of Boeing 767. For a month and a half, they lived in the remnants of the airplane.

After a week, they had eaten through the stores. Life-guards unsuccessfully tried to climb into the roof. Food was dropped from helicopters.

Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, and to the delight of the onlookers, the action was difficult. Alimentation diminished faster than the next airdrops could follow.

Hunger set in. They started to eat the dead. But they soon run out.

Victims were chosen from among the living. Dante scenes…

Then the manhole on the roof opened.

”You can go down. You are saved! We struck a deal with the owner! He agreed to open the manhole!”

2019 Christopher T. Dabrowski

Christopher T. Dabrowski has published in the USA and Spain: Anomaly (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press), Escape (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press); in Poland: Deathbirth (2008 - Armoryka publishing house), Anima vilis (2010 - Initium publishing house), Grobbing (2012 - Novae Res publishing house), Deathbirth and other stories (2012 & 2017 - Agharta & Armoryka publishing house), Z życia Dr Abble (2013 - Agharta publishing house), Orgazmokalipsa (2016 - Alternatywne publishing house), Anomalia (Forma publishing house), Ucieczka (2017 - Dom Horroru publishing house); he has been included in anthologies in USA, Poland, Russia, and Germany, and has had stories published in PLAYBOY magazine (Slovak edition), USA, England, Czech Republic, Russia, Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Mexico

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