Aphelion Issue 240, Volume 23
June 2019
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Snowman Dream

by Kit Roberts

I found myself wandering through a snowy, hardwood forest, where I came across a snowman in a red scarf and hat. I called out to see if someone was near, but no one responded. I kept walking but I felt like I was being followed, so I looked behind me. Somehow, the snowman had moved. As I continued deeper into the forest, more and more snowmen appeared. The feeling of being followed intensified as I went on. I was surprised. For whatever reason, all of the snowmen looked the same. Like a clone army. I turned and looked behind myself to see if the other snowmen had moved. They had! I ran and they pursued. The faster I ran, the faster they followed. The world suddenly spun over and over. A sharp pain shot up my left leg. My ankle throbbed where it had struck a sharp rock. I dragged myself through the snow as fast as I could. The snowmen surrounded me. As a group, they reached down with their pointy twig appendages. I woke up with a start!

It was a dream? But it was so vivid it was hard to believe it wasn’t real. It still felt like I was being watched. I looked out my large window and what I saw paralyzed me. The snowmen from my dream were there, rank on rank, looking right at me through my bedroom window. I ran to my parent’s room but they weren’t there. So I went to my brothers’ room, but they were missing as well. I shook as a billion thoughts raced through my head.

Where'd they go? Did the snowmen get them? Wait! They could be downstairs, hiding. No, if they went downstairs, they would have carried me down with them.

I checked the rest of the house, then ventured into the basement. I knew the basement wasn’t like most other people’s houses. Some of my family lived in the basement. I couldn’t believe what I found. There, in the basement, stood an army of snowmen. They waddled closer and closer, then the strangest thing happened. They offered me a plain cheesecake.

Just as suddenly, I woke up again. I sat there for a moment, processing everything that I thought had just happened. It was a bit confused at first. I was relieved that it ended with cheesecake, and not the frozen carnage I had expected.

2019 Kit Roberts

Kit is an elementary school student in Chickamauga, Georgia. In her eleven years, she has grown to love reading, writing, art and anything furry or adorable.

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