Aphelion Issue 239, Volume 23
May 2019
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by C. E. Gee

Consciousness grew slowly. As awareness came, he gathered his senses.

But it seemed there was nothing to sense. He saw nothing but darkness. He heard nothing but silence. Tactilely, he felt nothing. He tried to remember where he was and why he was there.

Only vaguely, in his mind’s eye, he recalled a battle, flames, an ejection. Maybe he was a pilot? It pleased him, thinking he was a pilot of the sky.

Was he burned? Tentatively, cautiously, he moved a bit. No pain.

Moving was difficult. He was bound in fabric -- bedding perhaps? He speculated he was in a hospital.

Then he felt something.

Maybe halfway down the length of his body was a swelling. It felt good. It was growing.

It felt even better when he rubbed the swelling against the fabric.

The swelling grew. The rubbing became thrusting.

Forcefully, frantically, he thrust with power and vigor. It felt good. As he became aware of his own power, he was surprised at the strength of it. That awareness spurred ever more potent thrusts.

Then it came.

From deep within him, great paroxysms of shuddering and rendering.

And the very fabric of space itself split. And from within that split came a blazing beam of light.

The light was from stars. And stars spewed outward from the split.

In unimaginable numbers, globbed together in spurts, the stars coalesced into galaxies. And the galaxies expanded outward, forming a universe; the first universe in what would become an infinite multiverse.

Eventually, the spurting stopped. The split in the fabric of space closed.

He looked upon what he had wrought, saw that it was good.

He decided to give what he done a name. He foresaw that he would pass that name along to his many children, for he knew he would be a father, and he knew he would have many houses. He would call what he done The Big Bang. He was amused.

One should always begin with a joke.

2014, 2018 C. E. Gee

C.E. Gee aka Chuck misspent his youth at backwater locales within Oregon and Alaska.

Chuck later answered many callings: logger, factory worker, meat packer, Vietnam war draftee infantryman (1968), telecommunications technician, volunteer fireman and EMT, light show roady, farmer, businessperson.

Retired from the electronics industry and also a disabled veteran, Chuck now writes Science Fiction.

His blog is at https://kinzuakid.blogspot.com

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