Aphelion Issue 233, Volume 22
October 2018
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American Holocaust

by C.E. Gee

“Professor Giddings,” said Margaret, “so good to see you.”

On a bench overlooking the Quad, Professor Homer Giddings took a seat next to Margaret, said, “Ditto,”

Margaret smiled at Professor Giddings’ brevity, asked, “I heard you took a sabbatical. What are you working on?”

“My next book.”

Margaret nodded as she asked, “This one like your other two books? You know, all about Native Americans?”

Snidely, Professor Giddings answered, “I’ve decided the proper term is Aboriginal Americans. There’s no such thing as Native Americans. All of us here, including the Aboriginals, we’re all immigrants.”

“Really?!” exclaimed Margaret. “I know someone who might argue that point. He’s a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, believes the Garden of Eden was in Missouri.”

I’ve read the Book of Mormon,” replied Professor Giddings. Turns out the Garden of Eden came first. Then God created Adam and Eve there. If that is true, turns out they also were immigrants.”

Giddings said, “Did you know the Church of Latter Day Saints promotes the concept that one of the lost tribes of Israel migrated to America?”

“Well,” Margaret mused as she gazed up into the sky, eyeing some clouds, “I saw on one of the history channels a documentary that was about pre-historic migrations to America by various groups such as the Irish, Vikings, French, etc... It mentioned one of the lost tribes of Israel as being among those groups.”

“Right,” said Professor Giddings. “Thus, you should pay attention to what I now say. I’ve an old friend who served some time in the Army. He’d previously spent his youth here on the West Coast, lived in Oregon, Alaska, California, Nevada. The Aboriginal Americans on the west coast have a decidedly Asiatic cast. Also, it’s well known that their ancestors crossed the Bering Strait during an ice age.”

“When the Army sent this friend of mine overseas, one of his squad-mates was a member of a tribe located in the northeast section of our country.”

“My friend insists his squad-mate had decidedly Semitic features.”

“Interesting,” said Margaret.

Professor Giddings went on with his idea. “Should I assume you’re aware of the obscure theory that the reason the Nazis tried to eliminate the Jews was so that the coming messiah, born of a Jewish woman, would not conflict with the 1000-year Reich?”

Margaret said, “I was on one of my archeological digs a coupla years ago. A participating student was Jewish. During a break when we were sipping sodas and discussing her heritage, she informed me of that theory.”

“Well now,” said Professor Giddings, “I think you’ll find this interesting. Turns out the Nazis saw themselves as the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. However, in actuality, they were anything but. They were right wing fascists to the core.”

“Here’s were things get really interesting in terms of Aboriginal Americans. American Army generals such as Sheridan, Crook, Custer, Reno, Sherman, were all dispatched to fight the Indians, force them onto reservations, which were nothing more than large concentration camps. These generals were given their posts by presidents who were of a common American political party, which has a reputation of being right wing.”

“Fascinating,” said Margaret.

Giddings continued with, “Here’s my take. An American Aboriginal woman descendant of the lost tribe of Israel in America will give birth to the Messiah.”

Margaret snorted, then said “Sheesh. That’s one heck of a theory. Those generals you mentioned who were given the duty of eliminating the Indians, obviously they failed.”

Professor Giddings smugly smiled said, “I suspect my next book will be a best seller.”

“No doubt, said Margaret. “I’ll buy a copy for my kindle.”

Professor Giddings reached over, gripped Margaret’s forearm as he said, “I’ll give you a copy. My publisher always ships me boxes full of hardcover editions for me to submit to reviewers and such.”

As Giddings removed his hand Margaret said, “I’d appreciate that.”

“Professor Giddings continued with his theory. “I’ve one problem yet to solve. How did the Presidents of the 1800’s know the goal of the 1930’s Nazis?”

“That’s a tough one,” replied Margaret.”

Nodding, Giddings said, “Yes indeed. I’ve got three likely theories. I may present all of them, let the readers decide based upon their own beliefs.”

“The first theory is that the white settlers of our country were striking back in revenge in continuation of the conflicts the originated in the 17th and 18th Centuries. “

“The second theory is due to the Nazi fascination with the occult. Maybe they found a metaphysical way to communicate with persons in the past.”

“The third theory I myself find to be most likely. Perhaps some secret society that’s existed far back in history passed its beliefs on to persons in later years, such as in the 19th and 20th Centuries. I find this most likely because of the fascist leanings of both the Nazis and particular U.S. Presidents.”

Again, Margaret nodded as she said, “That’ll certainly give your readers something to ponder.”

Margaret stood, turned to Professor Giddings, said, “I’ve got a lecture to deliver. I must say, you’ve certainly, given me something to ponder as well. May I mention our conversation to my husband?”

Giddings warmly smiled. “Of course. I’ve had numerous conversations with Kevin. From what I know of him he will appreciate my findings.”

Margaret turned, walked across the Quad.


2017 Author

Bio: C.E. GeeGee (aka Chuck) misspent his youth at backwater locales within Oregon and Alaska.

Chuck later answered many callings: logger (choker setter) meat packer (Norbest Turkeys), Vietnam war draftee infantryman, telecom technician, volunteer fireman/EMT, light show roady, farmer, businessperson (electronic components distribution), sysop, webmaster.

Chuck now writes SF stories, maintains a blog at

Blog: http://www.kinzuakid.blogspot.com

E-mail: C.E. Gee

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