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September 2023
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Issue 84 Volume 08 August 2004


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Frankenstein, Inc.
N. J. Kailhofer
A Rogan is a servant, engineered to do all your work while you sit back and relax, safe with the knowledge that it is only truly happy when serving a human. Buy a Rogan today and forget your troubles as your happy pal goes about doing all your chores—if it doesn't kill you.

For the Love of Chicken
D. D. H. Lee
In the perfect future there will be no war, there will be no plagues, and everyone will have the perfect job and a happy excuse to live. So who would dare to do anything against this glorious future of prosperity? Marty Grinwell would, as he and his friends explore the evil past of mankind to find out the greatest secret neglected and reviled by the modern world: the ability to cook.

Red Dwarf
Ebbe Roe Smith
Murder follows a theatrical troupe. Private Detective Red Tide must thread his way between half-mad Artistes, sycophantic Aliens, avaricious Media-types, and the disgusting, over-grown slugs known as "Actors."Worst of all, he might actually have to see a play.

Nightwatch: Rogue Harvest
Ralph Benedetto, Jr.
"The thing about bureaucracy," Tom Weldon said as the ambulance stopped in front of a sign reading Good Hope Evangelical Hospital, "is that, if you know what you're doing, it's easy to manipulate."
A Chinese man far from home is speaking riddles, and Simon, Stephanie, and Tom journey to Nigeria to discover the reason why.

A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

A Matter of Urgency
Robert Moriyama
The mad super-wizard Morgenstern has made Al Majius famous burning his name into a school parking lot. So far, the downside of fame — swarms of paparazzi and reporters — hasn't been balanced corresponding hordes of prospective clients. Business has been slow … but that's the least of Al's problems.

A Path Of Ramble And Mist
Jaimie L. Elliot
When Jeremy opened his door to find a mysterious robed figure, a mailed warrior, and a woman dressed like Xena waiting, he knew it was going to be an unusual day.

Jim Rudnick
Miguel was a pick-pocket who had committed a terrible sin. Only the priest could save him from damnation.

Bob Downing
Return with us now to the thrilling days known as the "Golden Age" of science fiction with this tale that evokes the SF of the 1930s

Once There Was a Legend of a Halfling
J. A. Howe
The age of heroes and legend is inevitably followed the age of self-congratulation and exploitation.

Our Timid Friend
Robert Starr
We learn as children that if you break the rules too often, sooner or later, something is going to happen.

Just Another Day at the Office
N. J. Kailhofer
The alarm came from the R&D Department. It was always the R&D Department that cause the most trouble…

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Poetry and Filk Music

Apocalypse Haiku
Phillip Reyth

Bars Within My Mind
Terry Jackson

Infernal Machine
Gary William Crawford

Louwe, Louwe
Dan L. Hollifield

On Unclean Snow
N. J. Kailhofer

Robot Berserk
John Grey

The Woven Sea
Anjali Chandi

Three Small Pieces
Steven Utley

Apryl Fox

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Articles and features

The Pollwatchers!
Cary Semar
Cary Semar turns his eye towards the political scene…

Dan Hollifield Reviews The Star of Kaleel
the newest novel by C. J. Burch.

Dan Hollifield Reviews Something Rotten
the new Thursday Next novel by Jasper Fforde.

Dan Hollifield Reviews The Guilded Serpent
Volume One of "The White City Dimmed" by Helen Quinn

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