Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Issue 19, Volume 2 -- December '98

Issue 20 will be online 1st week of January.

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Since January 27th 1997

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Bruno the Bandit!

The Aphelion Daily Comics Page

Don't miss a single hillarious issue of Bruno the Bandit, Freefall, or The Melonpool Chronicles! Check back every day for laughs from Aphelion's featured cartoonists!
Freefall! The Melonpool Chronicles

Welcome everyone to the December edition of Aphelion. In keeping with the festive holiday spirit, we've left a few things under the tree for you this month.

First up, the Aphelion cartoon page has grown yet again. Steve Troop's wickedly funny Melonpool Chronicles joins Bruno the Bandit and Freefall on our comics page, and will be running seven days a week, with Sunday in color. If you haven't made the Aphelion comics page a part of your daily web surfing, you're missing a treat -- we now have three of the best SF/Fantasy comics on the web, put in ONE place for your pleasure. Accept no substitute! Demand Aphelion Comics!

Also new this month is the first installment of "Double Wide" by Jim Parnell, the man who knew Dan Hollifield before he was fameous. "Double Wide" is....well, its...oh, heck, I don't know what it is, but it's funny. Go read it, y'hear?

Finally, features introduces "Conventional Wisdom", a semi-regular column about convention announcements and reviews. This month, we spotlight GaFilk 1, which is signifigant for being a) the first annual Georgia filk convention, and b) a place you can meet some of Aphelion's editors. Check it out, but check it out fast: Memberships prices go up on December 15th.

Something else, I know there was something else. Oh yeah, we still have the best darn slate of long and short fantastic fiction on the Internet. So enough of my babble, let's read!

Rob Wynne
Guest Editor

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I'd like to thank those of you who have sent e-mails or signed the Guestbook for your feedback. Keep those messages coming, folks! Without those messages we will never know what we need to improve upon. Hope you like the improvements so far!

Aphelion Staff:

Dan Hollifield
Senior Editor, Publisher
Roger Bennett
Editor Emeritus
Robert Wynne
Cary Semar
Short Story Editor
Lee Whiteside
SFTV Schedule Reporter
Martin Delgado-Scott
Serials Editor
Kim Holec
Poetry Editor
Jeffrey Williams
Production Editor

Serialized Stories

  • A Saucerfull of Secrets -Part 1-
    By Dan L. Hollifield
    While Dan is on vacation, we're running a classic Hollifield story never before seen in Aphelion. Threat of Valleor will return in March!
  • Witness of the World -Part 12-
    By Chad Cottle
    Memories of a telepathic child.

  • Zod -Part 7-
    By Neil McGill
    A side-splitting sci-fi romp through the cosmos. Look out Douglas Adams! McGill may just steal your thunder!

  • Pop's Cabin -Conclusion!-
    By D. A. Krikorian
    Vacations are meant to be fun, relaxing- but something always seems to crop up...

  • On the Corner of Galaxy and Fifth -Part 4-
    By Robert Wynne & Jeff Williams
    Trauma devises a desperate plan to save the galaxy...

  • Poison -Conclusion!-
    By Krazy Kat
    Adventures of a rebellious mercenary and her troop of space marines.
  • Maya -Part 1-
    By A.D. Jackson
    An unusual object in Bimini; a strange signal from Neptune;
    an unknown mission to Pluto. The mystery of Maya begins...

  • Read more great stories from the Aphelion Archives

    Short Stories

  • There is Always a Reason
    By Kate Thornton
    Beware of Stellar Confiscation Officers bearing gifts. A story of the Mare Inebrium!
  • Death Awaits
    By McCamy Taylor
    Sherlock Holmes accepts his strangest case.

  • And, So It Begins
    By C. Adam Scott
    When you adopt a new technology, you are starting to feed a monster.

  • A World for Georgiana
    By Vasilis Adams A.
    A woman of the future discovers her origins.

  • The Case of a Lost Dog
    By Andrew & Ilona Gordon
    A witch and a shapeshifter must face a supernatural challenge.

  • The Weapon
    By R. Michael McClellan
    You can fight back, if you have the means.

  • A Piece of Paper
    By Anthony Markey
    'A weak king will have a short reign.'

  • The Isles of Number
    By A.Y. Tanaka
    A stranger in a strange land

  • Excommunicate
    By William Scott Porter
    You're damned if you do, dead if you don't.

  • The Legend of Duncan
    By Eric Daly
    The god of evil must be defeated, but not destroyed...

  • Remotion
    By Stuart Cormie
    Some ghosts are good company...

  • Mirage
    By Pete Ravensway
    Better hvae a cold one ready while you read this story. No, make it a six-pack.

  • Incident in Peace Valley
    By Don Bruce
    A serial killer is loose in the valley,
    and the FBI must stop him!

  • Poetry and Music

  • The Last Flight of the Cradle of Commerce
    By Rob Wynne

  • Choose Another Dream
    By Mark Bernstein

  • Halfman 2020AD
    By Maryann Hazen

  • Query
    By David Blalock

  • Features

    The Mare Inebrium shared universe project
    I open up my own Spaceport Bar to other writers!
    The Mare Inebrium Shared Universe Project
  • Aphelion's Daily Comics
    By Ian McDonald, Mark Stanley, and Steve Troop
    Did he say daily? Yep, Aphelion is proud to feature three of the funniest comic strips on the Internet, Ian McDonald's "Bruno the Bandit", Mark Stanley's "Freefall", and Steve Troop's "The Melonpool Chronicles". Bookmark this page, you don't want to miss a single installment!

  • A Word in Your Ear
    By Robert Wynne
    Barnes & Noble wants to buy Ingrams. Who wants to buy what? Maybe you had better read this one... Rob Wynne takes a look at how this merger could affect what you want to read and where (and if) you can buy it.

  • Double Wide
    by Jim Parnell
    WARNING: Contains Language! Meet Bubba. Um, we're not sure exactly what he's about, but he said that if we didn't print this, he'd come to visit our office and explain it.
  • Conventional Wisdom
    by Dell Stinnett
    Strangers No More -- We Sing! Read all about the upcoming Georgia filk con, and explore the exiting world of science fiction's own folk music.
  • Starbase Update SFTV Schedules and News
    Compiled by Lee Whiteside.

  • Dan Hollifield reviews:
    This month- Roadmarks by Roger Zelazny

  • Excentrivial Musings
    The Aphelion Cartoon Page.

  • Mare Inebrium Wallpaper Page
    51 JPGs you can download and convert to Bitmaps for wallpaper. This is a slow-loading page, but well worth it.

  • The Awards Page
    All of the Awards that Aphelion has won.

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    As always, this mailing list will only be used to notify you of new issues and will never be given out to anyone else... 'cause I hate spam as much as you do!

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