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November 2023
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Issue 151 Volume 15 April 2011


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serials and Long Fiction

By Dean Giles
When Simon awoke, his body was a shriveled husk in the process of reconstruction by nanomachines. This, he understood — his stasis module must have malfunctioned. But why was he alone when he had been only one of three thousand people on the ship when it was launched? Only the ship's artificial intelligence, the D.A.V.E., knew the answer.

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Short Stories

Death with French Bread
Chris Sharp
Chase and Ronnie were dining again in the French restaurant where they had their first date. Their lives had diverged long ago, but now their children — her son and his daughter — were repeating history in that same restaurant. How could they not watch?

Noah Zachary
To save his own life, he had made a bargain with a demon. Now someone or something had set a hellhound on his trail, a dangerous situation even for someone with the powers that came with being a Debtor.

Finding Our Voices
Richard Tornello
The young man thought that his story of the cruel and senseless shooting of a deer his thick-headed buddy made scintillating dinner conversation. The stepfather of his long-time friend had a very different opinion — and so did the preternaturally intelligent wolf, lurking in the woods near the parking lot.

Ché Francis Monro
To the intelligence-enhanced animals in the Gilead habitat, the humanoid intruders were like gods — or demons. Their fates would be determined the outcome of a battle in the void between worlds.

In Their Eyes
Ian Cordingley
'Coming of age' has never been easy. When it meant accepting a cybernetic implant that would literally change (and enhance) your mind, and choosing a mate, it became much, much harder.

Liam's Bridge
Mary Brunini McArdle
Long ago, Liam's sister Patricia — a.k.a. Sweet P., or just Sweet — had told him a comforting fable about an afterlife where people were eventually reunited with everyone they ever loved — including their pets — on a beautiful bridge between worlds. That tale failed to comfort Ellen, Liam's mother, when Liam died suddenly from a stroke, and soon after her beloved cat, Alice, seemed ready to join him.

Pretty Little Foxes
Lester Curtis
The foxes were beautiful little things — but they were not what they appeared to be. In fact, they were killers, and if they managed to reach him in his hiding place in the ruined castle, he would be their next victim.

Rapid Transit
E. S. Strout
Their teleportation experiments had progressed from inanimate objects through increasingly complex living things, all with no apparent problems. Now it was time to test the device with a human volunteer.

Sacred Logs and Crocodiles
Walter G. Esselman
Gideon had been raised by dragons, and had gained some of their powers — and a flying, fire-breathing foster brother. For that duo, even retrieving an overdue library book could turn into an adventure…

J. E. Deegan
Ned Reece was an apex predator in the lawless wasteland called Limboland. He knew how to survive, and how to kill with ruthless efficiency. And if he had a small obsession with shadows, what harm could it do him?

March 2011 Forum Flash Challenge

Congratulations to Mark Edgemon, author of the favorite entry in the March 2011 Forum Flash Fiction Challenge. Check out "Sons of Angels" and three more Endings to the tale begun in the November Challenge in Michele Dutcher's "The Vanishing Stone", after sampling this month's editorial, poetry, short stories, and long fiction, of course…

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Poetry and Filk Music

Report On The Recent Excavations At Norwich
David Barber

Wondrous Gobbledygook
Richard H. Fay

Thomas Reynolds

I’m Sorry, But…
Stuart Sharp

Last Man
Chris Wood

Life's A Party
Richard Tornello

Out There
Brian S. Lingard

The Arousal Indicator
Mike Wilson

White Pinnacle of Pain
Robin B. Lipinski

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Articles and features

Thoughts on Writing #28: For The Critics
Seanan McGuire
Seanan McGuire takes apart the engine of writing to find out how it works, and offers her insights into how to put it back together again.

Retrograde: Alternative History At Its Finest
Daniel C. Smith
Daniel recalls James P. Hogan's novel, "The Proteus Operation"

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