Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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I’m Sorry, But…

(With Apologies to Kipling)
by Stuart Sharp

If your magic circle fades
With demons yet to call
If your minions’ evil raids
Now drive you up the wall

If you cannot stomach more
Close bound and tortured foes
If you you’ve lost your taste for war
And appetite for woe

It might be time to turn a leaf
And finally turn your back
On your long held and deep belief
That you look good in black

If you’ve lost the simple, honest joy
Of slaughtering the weak
The clear cut fact, let’s not be coy
Is that you have turned meek

If lusts for violent death have gone
So you set captives free
If you’d rather put the kettle on
When vicars come to tea

Than cast them from your dark redoubt
It really is the end
There simply can’t be any doubt
That you’ve gone Good, my friend

© 2011 Stuart Sharp

Stuart Sharp is a full time ghostwriter, living in East Yorkshire. His own novels include Searching and Witch Hunt, both by Double Dragon Publishing.

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