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November 2023
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Issue 124 Volume 12 August 2008


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Dan L. Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serials and Novellas

Half A Dream
Elena Clark
Four years later, royal bodyguard Giacomo is having flashbacks to the supernatural events which he witnessed the first time his charge, Prince Lucas, was kidnapped. Now, the Prince is danger again. Is Giacomo up to the challenge?
Sequel to "The Shadowy Man".

No. 6
T. Richard Williams
We are not alone. A companion piece to .Mystic Canyons.. A civilization a thousand years away by space travel may hold the key to the mystery of a space beacon and fish on Titan. However, it is a one-way journey.

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Short Stories

David Brookes
When the government had a mess too big and nasty for anybody else to clean up, they called in Mel Dulton.

Cold Spot
Jeani Rector
Troop wasn't really running away — he just wanted to remind people that he was still alive (unlike his little sister), and his 10th birthday was only days away. But the woods were a lot scarier than he had expected…

From The Very Face of the Earth…
J. B. Hogan
Dora Pearcy found the voices that she picked up on her curlers sometimes comforting, sometimes terrifying, but always worth listening to. Her neighbor Mr. Chase, on the other hand, was always repulsive. Of course, she had ways of dealing with problem men.

Human Resources
Nora B. Peevy
Brenda thought her new job came with the usual problems — annoying superiors, too much work for too little pay — but better-than-average benefits. It seemed very kind to employees with medical problems, for one thing.

Memories of Dinners Past
Chris Sharp
Madame Melanie was a medium with a difference. She was Mexican, for one thing; for another, she specialized in bringing back the past.

Omni-Corp Home Network
Joseph T. Christopher
The Omni-Corp system handled communications and monitored and controlled everything around Zeke Stone's home and office. Some things, however, it could not handle.

The Genesis Solution
Lee Gimenez
Anna Williams is wary of men after a bad breakup, but Simon seems like such a nice guy — just the kind you want to have around when things are going well, and even more so when the world seems to be going to hell. She thinks he's different— and she's more right than she could ever imagine.

The Season Without Sun
James Lecky
In a world of endless winter, the Amjak people had to fight to survive. Their enemies: the cold, the scarcity of game — and the brutally warlike Dajzyn.

The Sweet Loop Incident
Kim Rush
On Throaten, Matts made the innocent mistake of eating what he thought was a stray bit of his favorite cereal. The results were noisy and noisome — and made him very popular with the Throatorian men.

When the Gods Fall
John Hickman
The fifth mission to the planet of insect-like sentients was supposed to monitor the effects of earlier efforts to advance the bug-like natives' civilization. But they discovered that the 'gods' planted by the previous expedition had not had the desired effect…

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for July 2008

Congratulations to Bill Wolfe, winner of the July 2008 Forum Flash Challenge (Again? He'll need a bigger imaginary trophy case soon. But my story tied for first —aside from certain 'voting irregularities'…).
Check out Science on a Budget and six more spoon-size morsels of shredded fiction — after you read and comment on our other fine features, of course…
Visit the Forum Fun and Games area later this month for the NEXT challenge to your imagination and writing skills.

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Poetry and Filk Music

The Bride Of Frankenherbert
Stuart Sharp

James Matthew Byers

Lonely Fairy Rath
Richard H Fay

New Years Eve Resolutions 2151
G. O. Clark

Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Snoopin Round
Richard Tornello

The Wizard and The Fly
G. B. Dent

Through Love
Michaela Sefler

Universal Toads
J. Davidson Hero

When The Vacuum Takes My Hand
Holly Day

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Articles and features

Thoughts on Writing #1: You're Going To Suck
Seanan McGuire
In the first of an ongoing series, Seanan McGuire takes apart the engine of writing to find out how it works, and offers her insights into how to put it back together again.

Conventional Wisdom: LibertyCon 21
Dan Hollifield
Dan reports on his weekend in Chatanooga, TN.

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