Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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Wife-Stealing Zombie Homewrecker

by Juan Manuel Perez

zombie stole my wife from under my nose
while the sun was shining high in the sky
didn’t wait for darkness as one would suppose
opportunistic, so swift like a spy

zombie stole my wife from under my nose
clumsy accident, but she is to blame
loudly screaming so the next town could know
those high-pitched complaints can signal the lame

zombie stole my wife from under my nose
love can suffer much until it’s no more
you can spend lifetimes with all it can throw
as fury confuses, evens the score

zombie stole my wife, I have to admit
I will miss her… but, I’m okay with it

© 2024 Juan Manuel Perez Author Photo

Juan Manuel Perez is a Mexican-American of Indigenous descent and the author of multiple books of poetry. Juan currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas. To learn more about him, visit his offical website at https://www.juanmperez.com/

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