Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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The Coming Hundred

by David Baresch

Here, the Fear of the coming Hundred Years

Come the year 2044,
There's little talk, no one makes notes,
Eyes in screens, blocking out dreams,
All heads are bowed to a world unseen.

Come the year 2055
A time of plight for mindset's life,
Waning minds, losing insight,
For now tech's might is running rife.

Come the year 2064,
Paupers knock on endless doors.
See the homeless, the hungry, the poor,
This the cost of progression lost.

Come the year 2075,
All thoughts are spied, as AI thrives.
'Privacy,' is a long-lost word,
For every whisper is gleaned and heard.

Come the year 2089,
Human minds drastically decline,
Now AGI, dictates our ways.
And human brains wane and decay.

Come the year 2098
Algorithms decide all fates,
Human neurons dissipate,
While AGI doesn't cease nor abate.

Come the year 2106
Implanted chips, serve only the rich,
AI prevails their organic brains,
While others fray, falter and stray…

And now…
Now, one hundred years have passed,
Smartphone days ripped us apart
Yet, at that time, no one knew,
Humanity's reign would collapse, fall through.

And a century, new, now it dawns,
All do little but sit and yawn,
For, superior tech, alone, dictates
To mortals' lame, with nowt to gain.

And see the Earth, reel, traverse,
A speck of light, within the universe,
Hosting beings, bereft of course,
For, to AI, all lives, now lost.

And where's the path, to return,
To a world, where all once learnt,
To an age, of nature's grace,
And times of life, face-to-face?

For, in those days, of pre-tech ways,
Picking fruit, from green leafed trees.
Those gifts of Earth, nature's feed,
But now those days do yield, cede…


Come the year 2044,
There's little talk, no one makes notes,
Eyes in screens, blocking out dreams,
All heads are bowed, the world unseen…

© 2024 David Baresch

David Baresch has published with…

  • Aphelion Webzine
  • XR-Hub
  • The Telegraph media
  • New Humanist
  • Austin McCauley

David Baresch also…

  • Produces and publishes music videos
  • Creates and publishes original quotations

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