Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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Living in the moment offers but a very small window of opportunity

by G. Thomas Edwards

Zeno's arrow baffles all
standing still in flight
deterred by infinite divisibility
measuring half again and then again
and thus never shall prevail
How, then, do I measure
the increment of now?

The act of simply watching
depending where you stand
is quite enough to hinder
Quantum's Dynamic Evolution
If so…
how, then, do I measure
the increment of now?

That which is in the now
must first be in our thoughts
a plan to touch, to see, to taste
yet halfway before you get there
is halfway more to go
How, then, do I measure
the increment of now?

Would it not be easier
to chase a fleeting glimpse of Alice
peering back at me
from deep within foreverness
through the looking glass reflecting
how to measure
the increment of now?

© 2024 G. Thomas Edwards

G. Thomas Edwards is a son, a father, a grandfather, a poet, an artist, a writer, and an outdoorsman who enjoys living in the high Sierra at Lake Tahoe.



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