Aphelion Issue 295, Volume 28
June 2024 --
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Prove Your Love

(In a Time of Zombie Ruination)

by S. T. Eleu

If anything changes shape or takes off without me
I'll come after you and kill you. I'm too type A.
- Taylor Dayne

prove your love

     I'm trying, but what more can I do, dear
     I built you a bunker and stocked it with supplies

got to prove your love

     I risked my life saving Fluffy from your former brother
     stole those two hazmat suits from the CDC
     and then let you keep the one free of bullet holes

if you want to be with me

     of course I want to be with you
     and I'm not just saying that
     because of the greatly reduced dating pool


     I have been working day in, night out
     on a cure

     you know this

show your stuff

     look at my latest results
     I can now eradicate any new infection

     that is
     if the infected hasn't been irreparably munched
     or ever been a resident of Florida: AKA ground zero

cause words are not enough

     now that's just rude

     so the incident with your mother broke you
     possibly even turned you against me
     and neither apology nor well-crafted elegy
     could ever serve to bridge that rift

     but, c'mon, she was already missing
     three toes and one finger, all but four of her teeth
     her new boyfriend and – coincidently – her best friend
     the boat, a few screws, AND my best taser
     that she promised to return but never did

     though, in all sincerity, and if it's of any solace to you
     I am sorry she's no longer around

     her cooking was tolerable

I want to hear your body

     what does that even mean

     are you being spiteful or is it simply twisted snark
     because I brought your ex over last night
     and suggested he'd be a great body

     upon which to continue my research

talk to mine

     oh, hmmm

     I'll take that as a sign
     you're giving me another chance

     you know there is nothing I wouldn't do

     for you
     for your love

     and if you were ever trapped by zombies
     I would gather up as many babies as I could
     paint them each a different color
     and make a Skittle-like trail to lure them away from you

I'll always love you

     I see you've changed your tune
     so come on over here and show me some/

don't rush me!

     well aint you one for mixed messages
     and muddled metaphors
     and misappropriated madness

     but, if you change your mind
     I'll be in the basement


     on your ex

Hear the poem read by the author here.
© 2024 S. T. Eleu

Raised in Vegas then exiled to Chicago, S. T. Eleu (they, them) has been a musician, teacher, and consummate Vulcan. Autism is their default universe, and though sparsely populated, is a glorious place to escape to, write in, and display an impressive collection of action figures.

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