Aphelion Issue 294, Volume 28
May 2024
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Used Books

by Rico Salvatore

Used books, words missing from pages?
Used books, pages clipped from chapters?
Used books, scribbled in, highlighted or blacked out?
Used books? Do the words disappear per each reading?
Used books, to the bookseller for maintenance and repairing,
reworded correctly for the time and sharing,
by the seller all complete are, sold with guaranteed are,
certified, pre-owned, re-read, correctly politically edited by far.
With a stamp of approval embossed,
from our 1st new amendment modified and enforced
Since no others to be bought or sold allowed,
buy some now!
For those at school readings required
study the classics redacted and corrected.
Our used books need not be burned nor trashed.
Literacy for the masses, at a fair prices,
and last for school time classes.
Used Books anyone?

© 2024 Rico Salvatore

Rico Salvatore (BA, CAS, DOM) is a man of mystery… He began writing short stories and poems about 18 years ago after his exile from the Train Wreck Cluster 811 million parsecs from Earth for blaspheming the local political gods.

To assuage his home sickness, he has self-published 4 children’s books including one self-illustrated book of poems.

Rico was the art editor of Quantum Muse and has been published in Aphelion-webzine.com, Orion’s Arm.com, ShortHumour.org.uk, Poetry Hall a Chinese & English Bilingual Journal and has few stories in the anthologies: “A Flash of Aphelion,” “Fantastical Savannahs And Jungles”, “XENOBIOLOGY”, “BLEAKEST TOWERS” and soon to be released anthology “OF POETS, SPIES, AND THE UNEARTHLINESS IN THE TIME OF SHAKESPERE AND MARLOW” coming out in January 2023 where he has a poem written in an early/mid English style. He’s assisted with the translation of some poetry for a Chinese poet.

While on the planet he studied at The Art Students League in NYC and later picked up a degree in History with an advanced certification in Asian Studies from Rutgers University. Postgraduate studies concentrated in Chinese maritime history.

He with his 2 partners started and owned one of the first nationally based resume database companies specializing in high tech, computer security and various advanced systems of specialized and classified nature.

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