Aphelion Issue 294, Volume 28
May 2024
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by Amirah Al Wassif

I dream of cockatoo birds sipping milk from the sky
I fly from corner to corner holding sugar, wine, and more funny jokes.
God is up sitting on his throne watching how the earth dances under my bare feet.
Kisses, wishes and more than that riding silver horses.
Creamy cloud falling down close to my head singing an old song.
My bones covered by the rhythm. My tongue turned into a butterfly. I sway in the air thinking of the worlds I pass dreaming of more honey rivers to have more fun, wondering how many orphan girls still live within me.
I try to raise both hands throwing them to a new universal castle. I feel new again. I sense more than being alive. There is something beyond happiness. There is delicious beyond joy.
Believe me, there is music you have never heard of.

© 2024 Amirah Al Wassif

Amirah Al Wassif is an award-winning published poet. Their poetry collection "For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate" was published in February 2019 by Poetic Justice Books & arts, and their illustrated children book: The Cocoa Boy and Other Stories was published in February 2020. Another poetry collection "to bury a curious girl" was published by Bedazzled Ink Publishing Company. Their poems have appeared in several prints and online publications including South Florida Poetry, Birmingham Arts Journal, Hawaii Review, The Meniscus, Chiron Review, The Hunger, Writers Resist, Right Now, and several other publications.

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