Aphelion Issue 293, Volume 28
September 2023
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Not a Writer

by Jay Sturner

Let us not be confused:
AI, it don't get the blues.
Hasn't paid its dues.
Hell, it ain't even got a muse.
AI, you lose!

Note: This poem is a playful reaction to the current AI debate. It was written by me, [pinches self] a real live human. In all honesty, I do not yet have a fully formed opinion on AI. The jury is still out. I'm just having some fun.

Outtake: Can't drink any booze.

© 2024 Jay Sturner

Jay Sturner is a poet, fiction writer, and naturalist from the Chicago suburbs. His writing has appeared in such publications as The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Space & Time, and Spectral Realms, among others.

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