Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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Riding A Unicorn

by Petrouchka Alexieva

I am riding my crispy-white unicorn
With sparkling star on his horn.

Where am I going?

Silver moonlight from above
Is painting a path
Among blossoming meadows
Of my dreams and desires.

I am riding my unicorn
Through the mist;
Barefooted, with veil on my hips,
Softly wearing my morning tiara,
Cleansing gently my soul
In the whispering creek.

Where am I going?

I am riding
Towards the morning.
Don’t wake me up, please…

© 2023 Petrouchka Alexieva

Petrouchka Alexieva is an "All American Scholar Award" recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her scholarly works and poems are highlighted in conferences, TV show, various venues and opening ceremonies; published in UK, Bulgaria, India, USA. For her long-life achievements, her name was included in NASA’s list of Mars Exploration Rover (2003) and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) capsules.

“Riding a Unicorn” was published in Medusas Poetry Daily, Medusa's Kitchen - Daily Poetry online anthology (June, 2023); Phoenix Z Publishing (June, 2023); DoubleSpeak MagazineMarch Issue, 2023 (India) and has been read in numerous venues.

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