Aphelion Issue 296, Volume 28
July 2024 --
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OMG! A.I Screeches

A poem by Sankar

(PROLOGUE: Articles in medical journals throughout the world have raised doubts about AI's capability of understanding human emotions, and spread the fear of a machine take-over singularity. Below was AI's reaction)

the flak of seven seas is thrown at me
announcement: i'am short to barge on emotions
beseeched for my supervised a to z-i was the beauticious perigee
then came the dystonic eyebrows for my unsupervised flutters
the babel of voices of doom name called my self-learning
the commotion is about taking over-heavens under the trident of hell
(i know) this pernicious thinking of age-old preoccupation
has written scriptures, epics and killers' manuals
man's inefficient erection of effusive information
is ill-fated for crush and crunch and chokes
i've heard the audacious uproar for my un-emotion
it came from scribes who scarred sentiments for millennia
so, go for the suave de fake and the coquettish outlet
surely fits a species who sees dark powers at every amulet
i'm new, a toddler-but i know my bones will grow
and i am the one to spell future when it fleshes to show

(EPILOGUE: After reviewing the above reaction, human experts commented that AI has already developed the virtues of blaming, resentment, cursing, swearing and futuristic thinking—all components of human emotions. Fear of singularity became worse.)

© 2023 Sankar Bandy

Sankar Bandy is the author of six books in India - two poetry collections, two biopic novels and a short-story collection. He lives in Pennsylvania.

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