Aphelion Issue 283, Volume 27
May 2023
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Robotic Cats

by Petrouchka Alexieva

From my green countertop
They jumped on the floor.
They run on four
Robotic legs,
Weaving happily
Their electronic tails.

They look at me
Beaming orange-red rays
Through their eyes.
This morning
They give me a warning
—They are hungry.
Their batteries
Are about to die.

I am allergic to fur.
So, I own two cybernetic cats.
They also can puuuurrr…

© 2023 Petrouchka Alexieva

Petrouchka Alexieva is an "All American Scholar Award" recipient (2008). Speaking 8+ languages, her scholarly works and poems are highlighted in conferences, TV show, various venues and opening ceremonies; published in UK, Bulgaria, India, USA. For her long-life achievements, her name was included in NASA’s list of Mars Exploration Rover (2003) and Science Laboratory Rover (2011) capsules.

"Robotic Cats" was published in the anthology Bards of Sothern California: Top 30 SO CAL Poets by Four Feathers Press, January, 2023.

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