Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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by Victoria Smee

Supernatural, paranormal
Spooky, cooky things
I've been here all my life
Searching for darkness
The vampire's bloody kiss
The werewolves howl at the silvery moon

I seek horror
I seek pain
To watch the walls weep blood
To see the monsters come for you
To tear you apart
Feast on your flesh
Rip out your heart

The darkness calls to me, wherever I go
I turn it to you
We are enemies
Yet I hold the darkness
I keep it in my hand
The monsters are with me
They come for you

© 2023 Victoria Smee

Victoria Smee is an outreach worker who writes in her spare time. She has enjoyed writing all of her life and has recently started to make more time for her short stories and poetry.

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