Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Mary Shelley's Monster

by Kenneth Vincent Walker

Mary Wollstonecraft
Shelley; author of the
Horrific gothic novel
Of all-time and ground-

Breaking from its very
Inception is the legend
Of Frankenstein or the
Modern Prometheus.

For Prometheus stole
From the heavens and
Weilded that which was
Not permitted to provide.

Prometheus was punished
And chained to a pillar
Where an eagle feasted on
His liver both day and night.

The hidden monster is being
Neglected, ostracized, even
Minimalized; as Mary quickly
Discovered that there wasn't

A place for women in horror,
At least not in these times.
So anonymously she was
Published. For no one would

Believe this to be a story that
A woman could possibly write.
So unofficially it was credited
To her husband Percy Bysshe

Shelley who acknowledged
Mary gave this monster life.

© 2022 Kenneth Vincent Walker

Kenneth Walker likes to remain mysterious.

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