Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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The Things We Want Most

by Holly Day

The buildings stand abandoned, tilt
at right angles, shifting sand dunes
slow waves for dead boats. Satellite
picture number one: flames flicker
in empty windows. People must

still be alive here, fighting for
some sort of piss-poor survival.
Satellite picture number two:
A group of men sit around a
fire. The tattoo craze has gone so

far that bare skin is the status
symbol now. The primitives flaunt
Harley buckles and beer can hats,
new holy relics in a pile
beside them: crumpled photographs
of refrigerators filled with condiments,

needlepoint samplers,
censers, silver candlesticks, and
life-sized oil paintings of Jesus.

© 2022 Holly Day

Holly Day's writing has recently appeared in Analog SF, The Hong Kong Review, and Appalachian Journal, and her hobbies include kicking and screaming at vending machines.

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