Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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The Ghosts Are Walking Again

by Alexis Child

My soul struggles against illusion
Nightmare tumbles out into morning
Hear the spectres scream
Feel the vampires stirring to the beat
Of your heart

As twisted leaves of autumn fall
An eerie gloom engulfs
Look madness in the face
The footsteps of this slaughtered age
Are strange and vague

The spirits of the dead
Are walking, eating my
Bones again and the moon
Foe of sleep carries my sorrow
To the grave

Tragedy sits in the tawny vapours
Among the smoggy city lanes
Like a stillborn ghost
I do not know where I have been
And now I am no longer there

The fog of the unfinished years
Descend upon us
Love has passed away
The things I have seen
Cannot be unseen

You were gone in the silence
And stealth of the dawn
The nameless tricksters
Cause fear for all

Hear the spectres scream
Feel the vampires stirring
To the beat of your heart
Beneath the cold stare
Of Hallows Eve

Shivering just like us
See them walking
See them walking
There is fresh blood
Shed for all

© 2022 Alexis Child. All rights reserved until the bones decompose…

Alexis Child hails from Toronto, Canada; home to dreams and nightmares. Alexis is a former Social Service Worker, befriending the demons that roam freely amongst her writings. Alexis once lived with a Calico-cat child sleuthing all that went bump in the night and is haunted by the memory of her cat. She had a small measure of underground success with her gothic rock and darkwave bands in the past. Besides having rare mystical experiences she hopes are not just short circuits in the brain, she writes dark poetry, starving in the garret with her muse. A starving child is a frightful sight. A starving vampire is even worse. Please donate non-perishable food items and B-negative blood (and make it a double!).

Alexis' fiction has been featured in Danse Macabre, Schlock, Screams of Terror, and U.K.'s Dark of Night Magazine. Her poetry has been featured in numerous online and print publications, including Aphelion, Blood Moon Rising, Illumen, Metaphysical Times, Night to Dawn, ParABnormal Magazine, The Sirens Call, Witch House 2 and elsewhere. Her first collection of poetry, Devil in the Clock, a dark and sinister slice of the macabre is available on Amazon. Her second collection of dark poetry, Singing the Bones, is available on Amazon and from Cyberwit Publishing.

Visit her website: http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/alexischild/ and her YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6S5u4yX73kA1ZWGnKaEBA/videos

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