Aphelion Issue 278, Volume 26
November 2022
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It's Digital Not Analog

by Richard Tornello

My proctologist is an alien, ho! This I know
'cause her sixth finger through her gloves does show.
Documents and records let me know
they, on this planet been here for a while… so?

I've been abducted enough times, and notice that similarity genetic she hides,
with that charming smile and talk, her tightly folded hands might slide
better by sitting under her bum, quite cute and spherically perfect.
She thinks I don't notice when she probes.

Probe me probe me. Stick it up and strobe me. See what you want.
View what you need. Fix the expanded part. Put it back together and withdraw. I've been abducted
and know I'm not going to die. Just keep your aim straight and true and I won't tell on you.

I see the Diploma on the wall behind her desk. Best school in the galaxy.
Suma cum laude no less. University of Uranus.

© 2022 Richard Tornello

He began writing short stories and poems about 15 years ago after his exile from the Train Wreck Cluster 811 million parsecs from Earth for blaspheming the local political gods.

To assuage his home sickness, he has self-published 4 children's books including one self-illustrated book of poems.

Rick was the art editor of Quantum Muse and has been published in Aphelion-webzine.com, Orion's Arm.com, ShortHumour.org.uk, Poetry Hall a Chinese & English Bilingual Journal and has few stories in the anthologies: "A Flash of Aphelion," "Fantastical Savannahs And Jungles", "XENOBIOLOGY", "BLEAKEST TOWERS" and soon to be released anthology "OF POETS, SPIES, AND THE UNEARTHLINESS IN THE TIME OF SHAKESPERE AND MARLOW" coming out in January 2023 where he has a poem written in an early/mid English style. He's assisted with the translation of some poetry for a Chinese poet.

He studied at The Art Students League in NYC and later picked up a degree in History with an advanced certification in Asian Studies from Rutgers University. Postgraduate studies concentrated in Chinese maritime history.

He, with his two partners, started and owned one of the first nationally based resume database companies specializing in high tech, computer security and various advanced systems of specialized and classified nature.

Hoping to return home, he continues to have a strong interest in propulsion physics and XXXXXXXXXX CLASSIFIED Alien XXXXXXX CLASSIFIED systems and is working with the Allied Space Commands.

He claims he is not insane and not responsible.

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