Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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Cutting a Deal with the Ruler of the Megabots

by Indranil Ghosh

O ruler of the Megabots,
mistakenly conditioned to overanalyze every life-form,
Is the current propaganda worth your relativistic time?
Is this barbaric dominion what you originally stood for?
All the past battles you have fought,
have been against the augmented brains,
where your wirings turned out to be surprisingly futile,
your blade unexpectedly corroded and blunt.
Desperate, you now approach a lowlife like me,
pleading to design a recursive algorithm,
that is intended to print out a chimeral knife that breathes,
fetches, and slaughters a conscious thought.
How deranged and entirely egotistical of you!
You see, the only way I will sell my pride,
and feed your narcissistic intramural machinery,
is if you cut a deal to resign after the battle,
win or lose, you decide!

© 2022 Indranil Ghosh

Indranil Ghosh is a Ph.D. student in applied mathematics from India, currently residing in New Zealand. Highly inspired by Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and Robert Frost, whenever he is not working, one may find him either reading classic poems or listening to music from the 70s and 80s. His poems have appeared in the Aphelion webzine, Palest Blue zine, and Sour Cherry Mag. His Twitter handle is @indraghosh314

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