Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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by S. T. Eleu

As a child
of an immunologist and a biotechnologist
it's no wonder I became a biochemist -
the next generation always finds ways
to eliminate the competition

     ax + by = -2

As an ex
perpetually on the ass end
of the "it's not you, it's me" paradigm
it's no wonder I experimented with
then isolated the virus known by neurotypicals as love -
communicable polymerase catalysts transcribed along wavelengths

      λ ⇄ μ/FL ± ⊡

As a friend
oblivious to the social protocols
that govern bros and their antecedent hierarchical privilege
vis a vis those they have given the equivalency of streetwalking pros
it's no wonder you walked away in anger
when I took her side and explained
the love of your life's betrayal as a simple expression

      x≠y2 → ♂ ÷ ♂ ∞ ⋈ ♀

As a parent
of a home-schooled teen
it's no wonder eyes rolled when
we had the ever dreaded "dangers of love" talk
and how when two consenting bodies meet
there is always a possibility that a pathogen can awaken
and become communicable and cause and/or incite
irrationality, addiction, momentary bouts of bliss, and/or madness
due to nonlinear intersecting variables
and their unpredictable effect on endonucelase reactions -
that is, as long as no outside force intervenes

     where x ⇄ ax/by/cz and when given Φ as sway


until death do you part.

© 2022 S. T. Eleu

Raised in Vegas then exiled to Chicago, S. T. Eleu (they, them) has been a musician, teacher, and consummate Vulcan. Autism is their default universe, and though sparsely populated, is a glorious place to escape to, write in, and display an impressive collection of action figures.

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