Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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A Moment Through Time

by Joseph T. Moran

The preproduction clamor flings anxiety into the open air.
People rush every which way
While we linger under an ancient cherry tree.
Haste is a long forgotten nuisance to my companion.
Spectators and staffers hurry by
Frantically scouring for seats or fetching refreshments,
As she leisurely whispers in my ear.
And somehow, she whisks us away…

We're now alone by a brick fireplace.
Her eyes widen with her grin.
She knows I felt a jolt,
My heart skipped as we appeared here.
Unnatural, but exhilarating.
I move to join her under the blanket
But she is too playful…

Suddenly, she's a dashing sprite,
Draped in furs, darting between trees.
I can barely keep pace.
The weight of the furs, branches cracking against me…
Everything else a snowy blur.
How is she so swift?
I reach for her but her pace quickens
So I'm left with my panting
And her snickering in my ears.
I'll never catch up…

Then the weight is gone, and
She is swimming towards me
Under a calm blue sky.
I try to relax but realize… I'm naked.
Again, she grins at my surprise.
I notice her matching outfit
As she pulls me underwater.

After a wonderfully long while,
We're together in the gardens again.
Still waiting for the production…
The world precisely where we left it.
She is so graceful as she takes my hand.
Without thought, or worry, I follow her.

© 2021 Joseph T. Moran

Joseph T. Moran, J.D., is an attorney and writer, often using poetry to portray issues of human nature and morality in fantastical and speculative environments.

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