Aphelion Issue 268, Volume 25
December 2021
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Science is Dangerous

by Josh Logue

Fossils are shadows over eons cast
against heedless rock and shale. Take this guy:
Halluciginia—stiff spines amassed
over spindle legs and tube body implies
a kind of worm, maybe, but no way to
know what they really were. Or imagine
that thawing in a lab this frozen blue
block might expose an intact specimen.
Or predict how it shivers suddenly—
alive!—and scuttles up an arm, then down
an ear. Screams and scratching then…still. Their pea-
black irises: the sign your mom, your town
are infected now. Then: global rebirth.
Ambling shadows over a heedless earth.

2021 Josh Logue

Josh Logue is a writer based out of New York.

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