Aphelion Issue 268, Volume 25
December 2021
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Just Chillin’

by Tim Coyne

It was not nice before Christmas.
Mom, in her kerchief, called up.
“Sugar, are you snug in your bed?”

Carol arose from the rooftop.
Gone to the window, she’d thrown open the sash, wandering.
Entranced by the prancing of footsteps above.

Stockings hung, in a chain, from the chimney, with care.
But she couldn’t bear it.
Wandering eyes might appear, watching her, plumbed over the eaves.
The Corsairs, they’d rapidly come.

Dum-dums thumbed, stirring chambers of night.
Teeth clattered, thoughts shattered.
Fairy visions, and dum-dums to dance in her head.

She said, “Merry Christmas to all…”. Before she dove out of sight.
And I, in my bed.

2021 Tim Coyne

Tim Coyne is a retired reporter/writer and columnist for local bi-weekly publications. He writes fiction in short and novella form with edges toward humor, fantasy, speculative and supernatural. He enjoys cartooning, and writing screenplays, lyrics and poetry. His varied background, involves electronic engineering maintenance and support, hospital equipment support, career service and college administration.

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