Aphelion Issue 262, Volume 25
June 2021
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Mothman Legend

by Kenneth Vincent Walker

Where the waters mingle
And flow slowly in reverse
Is the ancient burial site of

The Shawnee, along with
Chief Cornstalk's unbridled
Blood curdling curse.

The waters are sacred,
Polluted, now disgraced.
The locals had no right nor

Reason adding two more
Senseless treaty ending
Murderers to their fate.

The wise chief and his son,
Casualties of a genocidal
War; a war without honor,

What the white invaders are
Commonly known for, as in
Their ignorance suicidal.

To the weary residents of
Point Pleasant chastened
By a harbinger of doom,

A glowing red-eyed monster
"Mothman" preemptively
Glares to a plight hastened;

Whisked away in thin air.

2021 Kenneth Vincent Walker

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