Aphelion Issue 265, Volume 25
September 2021
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Universal Collision And Repair

Lifetime Guarantee!

by Richard Tornello

Gravity as a conundrum? The universe as more than one?
All that mass throughout these universes makes that pinpoint if not useless,
a bit too complex.

Unexplained and more confusion, a great attractor and greater acceleration
as our scientists drain their brains with their mathematical games a’quantum.
Dark matter and darker energy make the scientists’ heads spin
with diverse opinions hoping understanding and great prizes to win.

The big bang from whence it came, how it was made and what befell before?
Is there a null space within which these multi universes, an infinity of which might exist?

Our acceleration is unexplained and maybe could be…hear me out,
on collision course we are bound and from expansion to compression our course set and explains big bang, big crunch, big bounce, an infinity of which all universes find this a logical eventuality.

A big bonk if you will allow my incivility’s breach, I beg a beachhead in your mind.
This crunch allows a new beginning, a reshuffling of the world of stuff and to be considered?

Might it be possible a swap of matter between each one?
A result being it’s a never-ending game,
all the same where each giving life something, say a new physics claiming.

OR? A possibility, an additional exhibit for your consideration I submit:
Our microscopic holographic similarity posits on how new universes come to exist? Universal fertilization and new growth from that pinpoint mass to what is today,
where we live in space and time, and by-laws like any HOA, we really have no say.

As for gravity I’m not sure but if my thesis holds some water maybe just maybe it’s all an interconnected wholeness where Gravity is,
is the affect of the effect of masses beyond, all interconnected, all as a Bohmian One,
this bang with awe we call so big is basically one in an infinite game of bumper cars
where time doesn’t matter, where infinity truly exists, and it’s just our problem that we persist, persist in searching for explanations logical and frustratingly
in our earthbound minds, time constrained, finite and quite frangible,
and in the end, and in truth, forsooth quite possibly… intangible.

2020 Richard Tornello

Rick always had an interest in writing, art, science and history. He studied at The Art Students League in NYC and picked up a degree in History and Asian Studies from Rutgers University.

He began writing short stories and poems about 12 years ago and has published 3 children’s books and illustrating one book of poems. He also translated the poetry for a Chinese-American poet.

Rick has been published in Aphelion-webzine.com, Orion’s Arm.com, Short-Humour.org.uk and a few stories in the anthology Flash of Aphelion and a new one in Rogue Planet Press, "Fantastical Savannahas and Jungles" anthology

He is a business owner and a technical/engineering recruiter for working in the Washington DC metro area.

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