Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Story Of A Death

by Alex Dodo Niculae

It was after midnight, and darkness was stirring
And lusting to frighten. The ghosts were all whirring,
The coffins unlocking, with creaking of lumber
The dead oh-so-shocking awoke from their slumber.
Their flesh all was rotten, with worms in their eyes.
Their sins were forgotten, and muted their cries.
It all smelled of sulfur, of dying and mold
Though Hell is still burning, the graveyard was cold.

Just then you appeared, my pale, mourning god
Oh, what were you doing?! right there… it was odd!
I wanted to scream, but silent I shivered.
Your eyes couldn’t see me, my body it quivered.
Their footsteps approached. Awake or still sleeping,
You sat on a tomb awaiting your reaping.
And no one was there to bring you around
No human, no mortal, to close up the ground.

The corpses were coming, an inch and one more
Their fingers all clammy were aiming your core.
I wished that right there, right then I would faint,
To not see your body all covered in paint.
In red pouring rivers of blood, slipping life,
To see not the nails that cut like a knife.
Your heart quickly quit, your pulse then stopped,
And next to the crosses, your dead shell it dropped.
The dearly deceased for you dug a hole
And in it you fit, such gorgeous a mole!...

You feel the earth, my darling dear?
It’s cold, it’s moist, it knows your fear.
It was once your birth, and now it’s your end
Evolving through ages will soon turn to friend.
And morning it cometh, you'll lay mute inside.
The ghouls are no longer, they too went to hide.
But I’ll see aurora and smile when I leave,
And bury the memory of all Hallows Eve.

© 2012 Alex Dodo Niculae

Alex Niculae aka Dodo, enthralled by the malevolent magic of Baudelaire’s “Fleur de Mal”, has been writing horror poems and fantasy tales from a young age but has just now made an attempt at publishing and hopes to have a novel out next year.

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