Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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by Mike Berger

The full moon rises and a massive
hairy werewolf stalks the town.
Watching as the moon takes over the
mountains, the Professor sinks into
a deep depression. His only brother
will be on the loose again. He is just
an average guy until the moon comes
up. Then he morphs into a lycanthrope.

Men of the towns seek him out as the
full moon approaches. They chained him
to a wall until the spell is over. He becomes
upcoming beast and often escapes.

The Professor set out to find a cure for his
brother's malady. Going into the fields
he picks wild wolfsbane and distills it
into its essence. Experimenting on himself
he finds the wolfsbane is extremely toxic.
A few drops sent him into agonizing pain
and convulsions.

Running further experiments, he looked for
ways to temper the toxic effects. After several
hundred attempts he found the right ingredient.
He mixed the wolfsbane extract with essence
of jimpson weed. The two rendered each other
harmless. He gave a cup to his brother.

When the full moon came out, his brother
remained unchanged; he was cured. The good
news quickly spread through the town. The
women of the town banded together. Cornering
the Professor in the town square, they stoned him
to death.

© 2011 Mike Berger

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