Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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by Holly R. Appling

There is a sharp sparkle in the dark
Of a spider’s web. Its labyrinth hovers
Like a quiet jewel as midnight

Lovers cross a river’s bridge –
Silk girders string to cloud,
Taut rafters cast off moonlight.

Spectral hands move in shadows –
The castle’s hollows cry an answer.
The web spun a neon amulet,

A water angel at its dense vertex
To snag dreams and fangs –
As years pass, she is wrapped

In by unending, white bandages –
A phantom’s heartache surged
Like stake straight through her heart.

At a distance, there appears to be
A lily bud shivering against blackness or
An earthworm twisting in its cocoon.

One can not be too sure –
The silhouette is a mystery still,
Yet this first snow is pure

And every atom begins again within.

© 2011 Holly R. Appling

Holly R. Appling lives in Canada. Her poems have appeared in various print and online publications. More of her writing is at www.hollyappling.wordpress.com.

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