Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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How Old Am I?

by Brian S. Lingard

I was old when the universe
Exploded from a small white dot

I was old when the Sun and Earth
Coalesced out of dust

I was old when the pyramids
Were new and gleaming white

I was old when the Romans
Built their roads and aqueducts

I was old when Charlemagne
Took over the English throne

I was old when the Columbus
Sailed into the stark new world

I was old when the new world's
Brothers fought their brothers

I was old when hellfire split
The atom over Japanese skies

I was old when the men and women
Left the good mother Earth behind

I was old when the universe collapsed
Upon itself, starting the cycle anew

© 2011 Brian S. Lingard

Brian S. Lingard writes poetry and stories when he can, and has been previously published in Dark Animus, Dark Legacy, and Aphelion.

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