Aphelion Issue 289, Volume 27
November 2023
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Your Life as a Genetic Holding Pattern

by Bill Wolfe

They Dance. They swirl.
An endless Brownian twirl.

Copulate. Recombine. Do what it takes so she says ‘Yes.’
Our genes command us, and we must acquiesce.

Sure you’re important. Sure you’re unique.
You’re a segue. A genetic freak.

One of a kind. Preceded by two, equally so.
And so has it been, and so does it go.

Perhaps as our atmosphere thickens.
And some children choke in the night.
Smoke like a chimney from Dickens.
With no payment, to the Crab’s might.

So pass-on those genes to your offspring.
Let the Lottery determine your mate.
For you know not the bounty you bring.
Nor ken, your ultimate fate.

© 2011 Bill Wolfe

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