Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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by Dave Weaver

Gaia was a lovely one
Every day she chased the sun
Night time came she acted cool
Till she met this reckless fool.

I loved her in our early days
Knelt before her and gave praise
That so sublime a harmony
Could bless a simple soul like me

A lady fair before we met
She was kind and gentle, yet
Too young was I to understand
All my needs were in her hands

I grew restless till I found
All her treasures underground
Secret jewels not meant for me
I stole them for my finery

Her warnings came to me too late
Drunk on power and blind to fate
I sought to put her in her place
I tore her hair and gouged her face

But even as I hurt my love
She lifted me to rise above
The anger of our violent dance
And give our union one last chance

Gaia turned my eyes to space
To show her sister’s barren face
“If you persist in raping me,
Such will be our destiny”

And now at last I understood
I looked around her blackened woods
Her pockmarked land and stinking seas
And saw I’d done as I had pleased

So sure that she was mine alone
My fellow creatures I’d disowned
To master all that I surveyed
And leave our future lives betrayed

If I repent have I still time
Begin to try and right my crime?
Or has our true love passed repair
And disappeared into thin air?

© 2010 By Dave Weaver

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