Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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by Mike Berger

The massive red rocks of the coastline
were ablaze. Fire fought with ocean spray;
fiery darts filled the sky. A pugnacious
bulldog barked impotently at the flames.
Purple snow hissed in the flames and
turned that ugly dog into a stone statue.

Hovercraft tumbled over and over, caught
up by a gale force wind. Debris littered the
water turned steel. The man in the moon
turned blood to shout out its warning, but
it fell on blind eyes and deaf ears. All
people could hear was the roar of silence;
heads were bowed to the Earth so they
never looked up.

Terror tore at human hearts as mushroom
clouds littered the sky. Volcanoes and
earthquakes rattled the ground; deep
cavernous holes swallowed up mountain
peaks. Endless rifts scarred the Earth,
and water poured into the new formed
basins. Steam belched from the cataclysms.
The Apocalypse had begun.

© 2010 Mike Berger

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