Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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The Vampires

by Dwayne Bunney

I’ve discovered a new evil close by
But maybe not so new to you or me
Not one that feeds on the blood of my flesh
But one that feeds on the blood of my mind
They are the vampires of my original thoughts
And they are feeding on me now

The vampires take on many forms and masques
That hide their true identity in misty cliques
But the evil escapes my notice no more
I can see the brutes oh so clearly now
A problem is posed though I have logic and knowledge
For they have feasted already, I must fight them somehow

I see them in the entrance way
They block my safe passage to the pink lands
Their faces drip pride and envy and malice
They are hunting me as I write these words
Dragging myself away I am panting, gasping
Reaching out for something to halt the blackness

They have tricked me with their so-called goodness
Made me think I am the one to blame for all
They have celebrated my pain and anguish
They have twisted and curled me into balls of guilt
They have pointed and laughed as I move to join them
But as I come into grasp I retract and survive

The vampires use sweet words to be my friends
I thought what possible harm could there be
They handcuff me with their secrets and dreams
And without knowing I follow the same path
In a flash of truth I see fangs glistening for the kill
Just in time, for I could have joined them eternally

My friends have been taken by the vampires
Poisoned with lies of love and a full future
They have been taken and have turned on me too
They have left to join the others of their race
But just as the rest I have seen them damned
While I in my infinite sadness rejoice in survival

My dreams have been invaded by the vampires
They are there in the shadows between happiness and success
Urging me to join them forever in terrible conformity
For if I fulfill my dreams, how will they live?
I lose my footing on the stepping stones and fall
I escape, but I must pay with a portion of my will

Sometimes I have to love the vampires
I have to owe them my life for their deeds
But my oh my don’t they moan and wail and thirst
When I have to stab their hearts with the sword of words
When I have to release myself from their debt
For if I did not, my room would be of padded white

I now stand in the lair of the vampires
Their evil stench surrounds and stifles me
If only they knew what negative passion they arouse
They don’t much care as long as the infection strikes
Never am I caught lying down as much as they lie in wait
I desire to fight them to my very last breath

Can I ever be rid of these hooded ghouls?
These leeches supping with glee the works of my mind
I must accept they will not die by my hand only
And I must remember who is their ultimate foe
I’ve penned these words to exorcise their force
Let me never forget these moments when I am free!

© 1999, 2009 Dwayne Bunney

Dwayne Bunney lives in Hobart, Tasmania, and wrote this piece to banish the demons of writer's block. When not working as a bank manager he's mucking about on a local radio show, riding his Triumph, or of course, writing. He was once the President of The Doctor Who Club of Australia. At the time it was a little geeky, but now it’s popular again the very same accusers of geekdom love it! People.......

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