Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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The Mischievous Troll

by Mark Edgemon

Basement bargain
That rots at home
Underneath his mother’s floor

Full of sass
This male lass
Has maternal hand up his ass and more

A gremlin at two
With girls he is through
Until his mother’s death

Until then he waits
To dress up and mate
His right hand, who’s name is Beth

He makes no fuss
Over oozing puss
Draining from the sores on his face

For he likes to dress
In his mother’s best
Saving his money for some lace

Oh, hollow troll
Do you have guts
To stand up to your mischievous demon

I guess not
To the dungeon he goes
Knee-deep in his own semen

His courage is a lion
Made of tissue paper
Drudged from the has-been sewer

A much easier plan
Being a trollish man
Than a righteous doer

It was his decision
To hide sin with religion
Than reveal his decrepit self

He has no worth
From the day of his birth
So he lives his life on a shelf

Oh the enemies he would hurt
Around those he would lurk
Of those who had hurt him deep

His unfortunate fear
Growing deeper each year
Causing his furious brew to steep

In time, he’s a decrepit old man
Now, with a wrinkled old hand
Which is still his only date

In his inward prison cell
He waits for hell
To reunite with the demon he hates

© 2009 Mark Edgemon

Mark Edgemon is the owner of The Creator and the Catalyst Studio, providing production work for 700 radio stations nationally, broadcasting stations oversees and national spots for radio and television. Mark is also a scriptwriter and pens fiction in his spare time. His latest text appearance in Aphelion was My Brief Affair With Marilyn Monroe (August 2009); links to an audio version of this story and many other "theater of the mind" are available via the Aphelion Forum "Fun and Games" topics The Audio Story Archive, The Audio Comedy Archive, and The Audio Poetry Archive.

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