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December 2022/January 2023
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Around The Campfire

by E. J. Tett

The fire crackles and flames dance
orange and yellow and red.
The clouds reveal the moonlight
and wolves howl in distant woods.
Darkness has descended here
and things come out in the night.

Warnings to all, beware the night
for things come out to dance.
Strange things that exist around here
with fangs and eyes all red.
Evil creeps from the dark woods
and it rejoices in the moonlight.

These creatures bathe in moonlight,
dark creatures of the night.
Only by day do they stay in the woods,
night is their time to dance.
So hide behind the fire so red,
rest assured of your safety here.

Stay, stay, stay, we’re all safe here…
Everything’s lit by moonlight!
The flames of the fire burn orange and red
and give light to the darkness of night.
Don’t be afraid, we can still dance.
Just please keep away from the woods.

Terrible things happen in the woods,
things that don’t happen out here
while flames from our fire still flicker and dance…
The clouds cover the moonlight
and once more we’re plunged into night.
Through the trees the eyes glow red…

The fire still burns though now blue not red
And sinister things emerge from the woods.
Pray for the morning and the end of the night
when we’ll be free from all things here.
Clouds move once more to reveal the moonlight
and the creatures come forth to dance.

They dance, and kill, and red blood glistens
in the moonlight. The creatures from the woods
are here and feast long into the night.

© 2009 E. J. Tett

E.J. Tett is an author from Somerset, England. She has written a young adult fantasy novel called "The Kingdom of Malinas" which is available from her website http://www.the-kingdom-of-malinas.co.uk. She lives with her family and two pet rats in the westcountry.

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