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December 2022/January 2023
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Lend Me Thy Heart

by James Matthew Byers

Calliope, lend me thy heart,
Thy love unto my soul
That through thy effervescent spark,
Suspense will take control
And sing the tune of happenstance,
The chance of epic route,
Insistent as thy soft feet dance
Away my gnawing doubt
While held amid their darkened sheaths,
Those colored blackest silk,
Which stretch from toe to waist in length,
My inspiration’s ilk.

Calliope, create within
This epic tome’s release
As in thy vast appealing grin,
My heart calls thee its tease,
And tease thou must, provoking me
Unto thy beauty’s measure,
Certainty, the word I see,
Thy comfort is my pleasure.
Thou art she, the mythic Muse,
Whose raven hair defines
The manner of an ageless fuse
Whose manner time confines.

Calliope, atop thy head,
At times a golden crown
Expresses matrimony’s bed
Where I wane, wilting down
Exchanging wax and stylus held
Within thy fertile grip
For words thy brown eyes mold and meld,
As in my mind they slip.
Entreat thee, yea, again I must,
Embarking on my quest,
That thou art mine in bond and trust,
Composed at thy behest.

Calliope, most wise and fair,
Assertiveness’s Queen,
Once Homer called upon thy flare
And sought thy will to glean
Abundant words to call his own,
The Odyssey thus writ
As well, the Iliad; thy throne
Upon which thou now sit
Removing time to time thy shoe,
Thus teasing with thy toe
Its presence moves my heart to woo
And longs thy foot to know.

Calliope, thy emblem’s guise:
Two fish which circle round
Construct the sensual replies
Of why my heart is bound
Unto thy essence, subtle, sweet
When inspiration’s awning
Comes from the black silk o’er thy feet,
Desire within me dawning.
Thy intuition’s furtive nook
In silent stealth’s abode
Provides the words within the book
Imprinted in my mode.

Calliope, thy figure, full,
Entices every yearning
Minced, convinced amidst thy pull
O’er my soul that is burning,
Singed, avenged by thy soft kiss
Placed gently on my mind.
Thy lips impress those once amiss,
Those words I could not find.
Convulsions writhe betwixt the spheres
Located as my brain
Where thou hast placed away my fears,
Unbridled every pain.

Calliope, unleash the tune
Conjoining in its manner
Brethren born in Grecian Rune
Quite soon to raise their banner:
Spoken token, onyx blitz
Heroic epic’s sign
Strewn through the fields Geat glitz
As Beowulf’s design.
With every breath I push; I breathe,
Inhaling thy aroma,
I’m seduced, enticed relief
Set free from melanoma.
Calliope, thou art divine
And though the other Muses
Inspire me, thou of all the Nine
Are she who oft amuses
Wordy poet anthems sought
Compelling poetry
Conceived within the embers wrought
To spring forth openly
Uniting in the cosmic rifts,
Which God Himself has formed,
The letters matching worded gifts
Within my soul adorned.

Calliope, were it not He
Who bade thy very shape
Pronounced before the need in me,
Thy essence as my drape?
Were it not He who gave the strength
To send these words to thee?
For only He, the Spirit’s length,
Through His Son set us free.
My heart and soul are magnified;
Are amplified in Truth,
Thus God above is glorified,
And thou art mine own proof!

Calliope, the light brown tone
Of thy flesh is abundant,
Held aloft by sturdy bone.
Forgive if I’m redundant
As I have no other means
But to explore thy wit
And compliment thy every scene
For every poem writ.
Thy humble nature wrestles me,
Yet in thy eyes I sense
That thou art mine, oh gracious she;
Inspire me ever hence!

© 2008 James Matthew Byers

James Matthew Byers is a published author(Grecian Rune, 2004) and a father of two. James has been married to his wife, Dorothea, for seven years. Mr. Byers teaches 8th Grade English at Moody Junior High. He resides with his family and two cats in Rainbow City.

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