Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Cosmic Tricksters

Richard H. Fay

What's an interdimensional being to do
To have a bit of harmless fun?
Guide your remote-controlled temporal ship
Above the rolling rural countryside.
Hover over a golden field of grain
And leave behind galactic graffiti.
Let the primitives ponder its meaning.

Soar in loops within a clear azure sky.
Ride your personal flier in circles
While wearing a pointy hat and black cape.
Scare the naive local yokels below
With your strange aerial acrobatics.

Materialize as a pale shadow.
Whisper softly in a young native's ear.
Stomp about and rap loudly on the walls.
Throw crockery and other breakables.
Make mortals think that the dead have returned.

Gather with others on a grassy hill.
Dance under the argent light of the moon.
Prance about a ring of deadly toadstools.
Attract a human's prying attention,
But then vanish into the murky mist.

There's a sucker born every minute
On that little blue planet called Earth.

© 2007 Richard H. Fay

Richard H. Fay is an author, artist, and home school dad who resides in Upstate New York. He is inspired by medieval history, myth, and legend, and the classics of fantasy literature. His diverse and interconnected interests drive his artistic endeavour. He writes fantasy prose and poetry, as well as dabbling in science fiction and horror. Recently he has decided to begin writing as more than just a sideline, although he has been writing seriously since the 1980s.

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