Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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Children Suffering

by G. Scott

Of poems I'm really not too shy
You can take that to the bank
But I am just a normal guy
With under arms most rank
One heart that cares
A hand that shares
And feet that run to try

This normal guy detests the crook
Who would my country threaten
And I will fight and throw the book
At any rotten tyrant getting
Advantage of the under dog
By thevin greedy as a hog
It was the children's bread he took

The children of our Baghdad friends
Have born the fear of terror.
Where terror never slows nor ends
Can children overcome the error
Help they need though we must bleed
Can we not quickly be hopes bearer?

Yes we must fight and we must pray
Or many lives will perish
Or will we selfish stay away
As protest marchers proud and garish
Void of pity mocking mercy
All courage, valor’s help betray

Oh God I call thee now our chancellor
Terrorists fill with terror thine
Faithlessness eats like a cancer
Cowards wimping out do whine
please bless our fighting kin
You give them help to win
This must be all loves answer

All we who quiet stand and stare
Must stand to evil now oppose
Gird you up your hearts to care
Rise as even Christ arose
Look for the Good as well we should
And bear the burden with our prayer

And for our President this prayer
Dear Lord grant him all your wisdom
Lead him faithfully to care
For Suffering Children's freedom
That he should run, 'till victory's won
That peace and love we all might share

© 2004 G. Scott

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