Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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Gaming Links:

  • Online Multiplayer Gaming Network
    OMGN is a new gaming news & resources site, mostly concerning online games of a science fictional nature.

  • Search Engines, Shareware, and Technical Links Page

  • Links of our own:

    Aphelion Artists

    Robert Sankner has asked to do some illustrations for our upcoming issues. Look for his work to appear in Aphelion soon!

    Fellow Writers

    These are rather old links, and may not all work.

    Pro Writers

  • L.Neil Smith's Webley Page A page for Libertarians and anyone else with good sense.
  • P.N. Elrod's Official Website Lots of info in Elrod's works.
  • Allan Cole's World of Fantasy and Science Fiction Allan Cole and Webmaster Joel Cash give a comprehensive overview of Allan's work.
  • Saberhagen's Worlds of SF and Fantasy Fred Saberhagen's webpage.

    Good Friends

    Yet More Links!

    The Doctor Who News Page


    Making Star Trek Real
    Dilbert Zone
    Tesla--Erased at the Smithsonian
    United States Space Command (USSPACECOM)@
    The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). A database of more than 200,000 titles
    United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Portal

    Bolo Central Command, Home of the 5th Dinochrome Brigade
    The WDVL: The Beginners Page

    Sci-Fi Reference Works

    Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
    Characters of Greek Mythology
    The Website of Lord We˙rdgliffe
    SPACE.com : Starry Night - The Realistic Astronomy Software
    Starship Modeler - Your Complete Information Source for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Real Space Scale Modeling
    The Internet Stellar Database
    Science Fiction Timeline Site . . .
    The Science Fiction and Fantasy Timeline
    Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were
    Alien Planet Designer

    People and Personalities

    Sherlock Holmes

    AltaVista - Web Results
    Sherlock Holmes on the Web - Sherlockian Reference Library
    Sherlock Holmes
    Yoxley Old Place - Sherlock Holmes on the Web
    Sherlock Holmes on TV, Radio, Stage & Screen
    Dining with Sherlock Holmes & Mary Russell
    Sherlock Holmes - Writings about the Writings
    The Universal Sherlock Holmes: Introduction
    Sherlock Holmes - The Sherlock Holmes Museum of Baker Street
    Quotes from Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes in My Life
    Oh, you don't know Sherlock Holmes yet!: The Agony Column Archives
    Sherlock Holmes -  Adventure - Index
    Sherlock Holmes Home Page
    Sherlock Holmes' page
    Sherlock Holmes Illustration by Margaret Copeland
    The Mary Russell / Sherlock Holmes Atlas
    Sherlock Holmes International (English-Multimedia Links)
    Sherlock Holmes Lives On...
    Sherlock Holmes on the Web: the Sherlockian Holmepage
    Not the Sherlock Holmes page: selected Gaslight parodies and pastiches
    Sherlockian Atlas
    SHERLOCK HOLMES  Chronology
    05 Master Document, Prefaces & Table of Contents [Combined]
    SHADoWS Chronology

    Casebook: Jack the Ripper

    Casebook: Jack the Ripper (Main Page)
    Casebook: Jack the Ripper (Message Boards Page)


    Bolo Central Command
    Neal's Sci-Fi Page
    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Bolo" + "Keith Laumer""
    Keith Laumer, SciFiArchive.Com, Sci-Fi Books-by-Author Database
    Keith Laumer -- Recent and Upcoming Books
    Keith Laumer Books from Rudy's Books.
    LAUMER, Keith bibliography: (C)SPACELIGHT

    D.K. Smith's Little Writer's Site
    L. Neil Smith's Webley Page
    Allan Cole's World Of Fantasy & SF
    "Jnork's Renegade #callahans Page"
    (The People's) Barony of Bryn Madoc
    Forrest J Ackerman's Wide Webbed World
    Stephen P Ryder


    AltaVista: Simple Query Tesla Society
    antigravity electrogravity counterbary townsend brown biefield wallace hooper
    Bill Beaty's Tesla Realated Information
    Free Energy Sumeria Style
    John Williams: Under construction
    Muzej Nikole Tesle - Nikola Tesla Museum - Homepage
    Nikola Tesla
    Nikola Tesla Memorial Society & Phil Hamilton
    Nikola Tesla Page, Tesla Coils(Bill Beaty's Homepage) high voltage science project
    Nikola Tesla: inventor, engineer, scientist
    Nikola Tesla: Suppressed Genius 1
    Tesla / Free Energy / Push Gravity / New Physics
    Tesla Technology Research
    Tim's Tesla Links
    U.S. Department Of Energy Server Map
    Nikola Tesla
    The Complete Nikola Tesla Complete U.S. Patent Collection - Jim Bieberich

    The Alt.Callahans Home Page
    Allingham Bibliography
    Caveat Lector -- Allingham Pages
    viv's Home Page
    Bjorn Lynne, composer of Fantasy and Sci-fi music
    Kate Thornton
    Pandora's Box
    lotus's main page
    Welcome to Writer's Realm!
    LISTER OF SMEG-Science Fiction-Authors-Zines-Etc.
    Arthur C. Clarke Unauthorized Homepage
    Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
    Niven FAQ
    Known Space Chronological Ordering

    Cults & Kooks

    UFOs: Fact and Fantasy

    Alien Autopsy?
    Anomalous Images
    Area 51 by Glenn Campbell
    Bill Beaty's Weird Science
    Billy Meier & More
    EMF Saucer?
    How do UFOs Fly?
    In Search Of... Index of the site
    NASA Online
    Planetary Mysteries
    Planetary Society
    S4: The Bob Lazar Story
    T.T. Brown: Anti-Gravity & Flying Saucers
    The Jason Project
    The Who's Who of UFOlogy
    The WHY? Files
    UFO Books
    UFO Footage From Shuttle
    UFO- From Beyond Magazine
    UFO Investigator, George Knapp
    Virtual Theater presents our LogiLinx Site to you
    Welcome to The Black Vault
    UFO's and the PARANORMAL
    Under Alien Influence - Men In Black - The Flow Magazine - The Hemp iNTERNET
    AltaVista: Simple Query "Men In Black"
    UFO Folklore ! ... Ufos, Aliens, Roswell, ufo sightings & abductions & ufology rockabilly bluegrass acoustic guitar banjo paranormal MIB This is about ufos aliens ufo sightings alien abductions ufology ufos roswell ufos cydonia mars paranormal ufos glowing ufos flying saucers ufos ufo pictures ufos aliens ufo research ufos aliens music music music bluegrass bluegrass bluegrass ET ET ET UFOs UFOs UFOs guitar guitar guitar NASA NASA NASA area 51 area 51 area 51 banjo banjo banjo Disney unidentified flying saucers Disney Disney cydonia mars cydonia mars extraterrestrials ufo pictures ufo pictures ufo pictures ufo pictures martian martians conspiracies extraterrestrials martian martians conspiracies extraterrestrials martian martians conspiracies millennium millenium year 2000 year 2000 ufo pictures unidentified flying saucers nasa nasa nasa disney disney disney mj12 mj12 mj12 seti seti seti unidentified flying saucers
    UFO Images
    UFO Digest reveals - UFO video proof!
    UFO Cautionary Tales
    Welcome to Far Shores

    Conspiracies (Are You In The Know?)

    Anomalous Images and UFO Files
    Area 51 Research Center
    Cydonia, Mars, and the Stones of Fire
    Hastings UFO Society
    International Roswell Initiative
    Mark - Space conspiracy index....
    Parascope News
    ProTree's UFO files
    Shadowmag Online Magazine
    UFOs and Bible Prophecy
    VJ Enterprises - UFO's in the 90's
    Weird and Wired

    The Philadelphia Experiment

    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Philadelphia Experiment""
    Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment FAQ
    In search of the Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project - UFOs/Aliens Net Links
    Skeptic's Dictionary: The Philadelphia Experiment
    About.com : http://www.wincom.net/softarts/philexp.html
    An Alternate Explanation Of The Philadelphia Experiment
    Alien Astronomer - Top Secret Projects
    UPDATE - Philadelphia Experiment Article and Web Sites
    The Philadelphia Experiment: SHADOWMAG News Extra
    The Philadelphia Experiment - Suite101.com
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    Disappearing Act
    Far News: Conspiracy Buffs Link Montauk Project to Air Crashes
    The UnMuseum - The Philadelphia Experiment

    The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage
    Far Shores News
    Coast to Coast AM / Dreamland


    The Big Eye O' Freaky Links
    Hyperthread: Your Experiences

    The Enigma Cryptozoo
    Damanhur, Europe
    The Black Vault - Home
    Illuminati Home Page

    Downloading Netware

    mIRC Scripting

    mIRC-X: The ultimate mIRC and MP3 search resource!
    hawkee.com - welcome
    Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
    mIRC and Internet Chat
    IRC Central - Bots Page
    mIRC Bot FAQ
    mIRC Help and Tips
    The mIRC Resource Center

    Welcome to RealMedia !
    ZDNet Software Library - Search Results
    OAK Software Repository
    Microsoft DirectX 5 Download
    Anti-Virus Scanners for Windows95
    Anti-Virus: ThunderBYTE World Wide Web Server
    Cool Edit
    DOWNLOAD.COM -- Welcome
    Downloading Crescendo for Windows 95!
    Downloading Free Agent
    Homepage of the IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
    I Want My HoTMaiL
    LView Pro Home Page
    Netscape Now
    NewSoft Presto! Software
    PictureAgent Home Page

    Quick Time Pages

    QuickTime End Users' Page
    QuickTime Home

    QuickTime Continuum
    Vicinity Home Page
    WS_FTP Download

    WWW and HTML

    AltaVista: Simple Query "webpage animation"
    Psycho's Animated Gif Page
    A Beginner's Guide to HTML
    SoftQuad: Products: HoTMetaL PRO
    The Web Developer's Virtual Library
    FREE Animated GIFs and Home Page of Michael G. Shaikun
    WWWeb.Ready! Premium GIF Animations Spice-Up Your Website!

    A webpage helplist

    HTML Quick Reference
    Imagemaps and Forms for the World Wide Web
    Some useful items for HTML pages
    The Background Sampler
    The Internet Link Exchange: About

    Announce Your Web Page
    Becoming a Web-Head
    Clement Mok designs Web Site
    Cyberview 3D Document Generator
    Directory of /PC/Windows/Mosaic/viewers
    Document specific background and foreground control
    Editor & Publisher Home Page
    Frame Tutorial
    GNN I-Media Center
    Hostile Applets Home Page
    Hot Files, with Frames
    Hotlist Anywhere


    Composing Good HTML
    EASY HTML Starting Point
    Eilene's HTML Links
    HTML Assistant Pro Home Page
    HTML Reference Manual
    HTML: Hypertext Mark-up Language
    Icons for Use in WWW HTML Documents
    Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents
    Server-Side-Includes Tutorial
    Texture Land
    The HTML Writers Guild Website
    WebMaster's Notebook

    Hypermail Documentation
    HyperText Markup Language Specification 3.0
    Index of /pub/packages/infosystems/
    iWorld Information Desk
    LinkSmith for Windows!
    MicroSurf WebDraw Applet
    Netsurfer Digest Home Page
    OneWorld/SingNet WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation - Page 1
    Running A WWW Service - Title
    Screen Shots Title
    Seidman's Online Insider
    Server-Side-Includes Tutorial
    The Common Gateway Interface
    The HTML Writers Guild Website
    The Web Developer's Journal
    Tools for the Trade at Home Pages, Inc.
    Training One
    Un-CGI version 1.6.2
    VBM: The Virtual Background Museum
    WAIS Inc
    Web Developer Center
    Webmaster Reference Library (SM)
    Welcome to BrowserWatch
    Welcome to iWorld
    Welcome to WebLib!
    World Internet Technologies Home Page
    WWW Authoring Information
    WWW-Talk and WWW-HTML Mail Archives
    Yale C/AIM WWW Style Manual
    Select BgColor
    The Art of Frames

    ZD Net Software Library - Top Rated Shareware
    free software utility | WEBCELERATOR | Download Webcelerator for FREE right now from Acceleration Software!!
    Xena Windows 95 Stuff

    Welcome to the Official Excelsior Campaign Website
    Amazon.com: Frequently Asked Questions
    NetGuide Web


    Animated & Comics

    Comics and Graphic Novels

    Bill Plympton On-Line!
    Comedy Classics Gateway
    Comics du Jour
    Donna Barr
    Doonesbury Welcome Page
    Other Peanuts Web Sites
    Praise Be! It's Cafe Angst!
    The Comic Strip
    The Desert Peach
    The JACK KIRBY Home Page!
    Welcome to Anime connect

    Anime Web Turnpike: Your #1 Guide to the Anime and Manga Internet World!
    The DangerMouse Index Page - Visited On Saturday, 27-Nov-1999 06:25:39 PST

    Jonny Quest

    Jonny Quest Download Page
    The Unofficial Jonny Quest Guide

    Marvel Titles

    Marvel Universe
    Marvel Action Hour : The Fantastic Four
    Marvel URL List by Randy Tischler
    Top Links


    The Amazing Spider-Man
    Eric's SPIDER-MAN Homepage
    Spider-Man Animated TV Shows
    Spider-Man Home Page

    Incredible Hulk - Earth's Mightiest Mortal
    The Mighty Thor

    The Punisher

    The Women of Marvel Comics!
    Trapped In Cyberspace, The Invincible Iron Man
    Van Allen Plexico's home page


    The Mutant Pages
    The Unofficial Wolverine Chronology
    Shannon's Newly Renovated Page(s)!
    Sara`s X-men links
    X-Men: Evolution on Kids WB!

    Marvel URL List by Randy Tischler
    Dr. Strange: Sanctum Sanctorum Home Page
    Incredible Hulk - Earth's Mightiest Mortal
    The Villains of Marvel Comics!
    Marvel Entertainment - Home of Spider-Man, the X-Men and More!

    Mighty Max
    Mighty Max Home Page
    Mainframe | Home | Flash
    Mainframe, ReBoot!



    Trans-Lux Television Presents... Speed Racer
    The Animaniacs!
    the comic stop
    The Dilbert Zone

    The Tick


    Welcome to the Ultimate Animanga Archive


    3-D Starmaps:Misc Links
    Allexperts Astronomy Q&A
    AltaVista: Simple Query NASA
    Astronomical pictures & animations - An online 1 gigabyte astronomical server
    CCD Images of Galaxies
    Galileo Images
    JPL Mars Pathfinder Mission Home Page
    Live from Mars DD>listed bookmarks

    Personal Toolbar Folder

    Mars Global Surveyor
    Mars Global Surveyor Home Page
    Regional Planetary Facility


    NASA Webpages

    NASA Space Shuttle Web Archives
    The NASA Homepage
    NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    JPEG image 512x416 pixels
    Mars Global Surveyor Mars Orbiter Camera Image Gallery

    Nova Online/Einstein Revealed
    The Stephen Hawking Page
    A view of the Moon.
    Astronomical Image Library
    Astronomical Images - Deep Sky Astrophotography
    Astronomy MultiMedia CD-ROM: GalaxyGuide
    Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)
    Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page (JPL)
    Dr. Odenwald's ASK THE ASTRONOMER page
    Earth Viewer
    Interagency Report on Orbital Debris
    Mars Exploration Program
    NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
    Planet MARS Home Page
    SKY Online - Home Page
    Space Images Archive
    The Planetary Society Home Page
    Tom Hanks' Letter to Congress
    Views Of The Solar System
    Welcome to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center
    SETI Institute - Homepage

    Space directory
    The College of Geographic Sciences: Mapping Department
    The Spaceguard Foundation home page
    Views of the Solar System
    YPN: Trek: Space Shots
    Big Ear Radio Observatory - About The Wow! Signal
    AltaVista - Web Results
    Dan's Astronomy Software Collection
    Brooks/Cole Astronomy Resource Center
    Astronomy software
    AltaVista - Web Results

    H. P. Lovecraft/Cuthulu Mythos

    Campus Crusade for Cthulhu
    De Web Mysteriis (AJL Cthulhu Pages)
    Dossier Howard Phillips Lovecraft
    H.P. Lovecraft in the Movies
    The home page for Cthulhu.org
    The Lovecraft Web
    The H.P. Lovecraft Archive
    The NetherReal - A Study into the World of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos
    Lovecraft's Necronomicon

    Real Mysteries

    Casebook: Jack the Ripper
    Casebook -- Main Page

    Tunguska Impact

    The Sky Has Split Apart - The Cosmic Mystery of the Century
    The Unnatural Museum - The Great Siberian Explosion
    AltaVista - Web Results
    Tunguska - the Cosmic Mystery of the Century
    The Lone Gunmen´s Information Repository: Tunguska.
    Is there connection:Asteroid 1997 XF11, Tunguska, Sikhote-Alin meteorite
    Tunguska Home Page (Bologna, Italy)
    Tunguska Meteorite Paradox (1908-1998)
    Universal Guide - The Tunguska Explosion
    Tunguska abstract
    Tunguska: The Russian Roswell (Video)
    Tunguska Explosion
    Far News: Return to Tunguska
    ZetaTalk: Tunguska Explosion
    FS Ancient Mysteries: Tunguska Impact Could Explain Vanished Dinosaurs

    The Museum of Unnatural Mystery Homepage
    International Society for UFO Research
    Unsolved Mysteries - Television Show
    The Shroud of Turin Website HOME PAGE

    Monuments of Mars

    The Enterprise Mission
    The Martian Enigmas Home Page
    Face and City on Mars
    Malta UFO Research
    The Martian Enigmas Home Page
    SEARCH.COM - Infoseek search results - Mars photographs
    Mars photographs hotlink page
    Utopia, Mars
    The Enterprise Mission -
    GIF image 582x3500 pixels
    JPEG image 1000x833 pixels
    JPEG image 976x768 pixels

    Orion Mystery main page
    The Charles Fort Institute
    TUVPO Pri Reis Map
    Tunguska - the Cosmic Mystery of the Century
    AUM~Sparky's Astounding Ancients ~ Wonderful Articles & Profound Images!
    sci.skeptic FAQ
    Far Shores News

    Sci Fi TV

    Mr. Video Productions Home Page

    Alien Nation

    Sci-Fi Channel: Alien Nation
    The Alien Nation Home Page

    Babylon 5

    Babylon 5
    Babylon 5 files
    The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
    Babylon 5 Universe: Introduction
    Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Babylon 5 History Page . . .

    Bionic Folks

    Sci-Fi Channel: OSI Headquarters
    The Bionic Page

    Blake's 7

    The Aquiter Files
    Kathryn Andersen
    Sue Clerc's Blake's 7 page
    The Tarrant Nostra Home Page
    The Avon Club
    Biographic Backgrounds of the Characters,
    Novelized Transcripts of First 10 Episodes
    Online Frame Capture Library
    Dave Murray
    On the Lam with Blake's 7
    Disgusting Slavering Paul Darrow Groupies
    All Systems Are Functional
    The Blake's 7 Logbook
    Blake's 7 Sounds
    Blake's 7 (hermit.org)
    "Blake's 7" - A Kev Davis Short Story
    Blake's 7 at Hawks.Us
    Blakes' 7 at Surrey.Uk
    Blakes' 7 Episode List
    Blake's 7 Mailing List Home Page
    Blake's 7 Main Page
    Blakes 7: The best science fiction television around
    Blake's Seven Links
    Chris Colcomb's Blake's 7 Page
    Directory of /ashton7/ashton_press/blakes7
    Directory of /pub/blake7
    Directory of /pub/blake7/images
    Directory of /pub/blake7/scripts
    Directory of /pub/blake7/sounds
    Ibn Qirtaiba, issue 5
    Kathryn Andersen's Home Page
    Loki's Blake's 7 Page
    Organized Rebel Adventurers' Club
    The SciFi Site - Blake's 7
    Yahoo - Entertainment:Television:Shows:Science Fiction:Blake's 7
    Terra Nostra - Dr Who, Blake's 7, Gillian Anderson
    All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Blake's 7

    Dark Shadows

    Dark Shadows Home Page
    Judy's Dark Shadows Home Page

    Dr. Who

    Doctor Who Restoration Team Homepage (FrameSet)
    "Jay's Homepage(Dr. Who)"
    Alden's vaguely interesting home page.
    AltaVista Search: Simple Query Dr.Who
    AltaVista: Simple Query Dr. Who
    Bluebottle's Dr. Who stuff
    Doctor Who - Revenge of the Unrealistatrons - Part 1
    Doctor Who Chronology: Introduction
    Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time (Travel)

    Dr Who

    Chris Colcomb's Doctor Who Page
    Directory of /pub/Doctor_Who
    Directory of /public/media/tv/collections/tardis
    Doctor Who
    Doctor Who Home Page
    Doctor Who News
    Doctor Who On-Line
    Dr. Who: The Key to Time
    Index of /doctor/
    into the vortex...
    Kate Orman's page
    New Adventures
    Outpost Gallifrey
    Temporal Nexus - Doctor Who
    The Matrix
    Who directory
    Who's 7 96 - Links to other WWW Sites
    WWW sites containing Doctor Who information

    Dr Who - Transcendental Journeys
    Dr Who Files
    Dr. Who Sounds Page
    Linda's Library - Sci-Fi/Fantasy - Dr. Who
    Outpost Gallifrey
    Pictures from the New Doctor Who Film
    shillPages - Doctor Who Image Archive
    Tardis TV Archive
    Temporal Nexus - Web Site Listing
    The Doctor Who News Page
    The Eighth Doctor
    Who's 7 96 - WWW Links - Doctor Who
    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Dr. Who""
    Dr Who Guide: Main Page
    Dr. Who?
    Dr. Who Scarf
    Dr Who Database and Photonovels
    Dr Who Guide: Page of Links
    The Doctor's Time-Line
    Who's Doctor Who?
    Outpost Gallifrey

    Forever Knight

    Cousinly Page
    FK Fanzines and Such
    Forever Knight Fan Fiction
    Forever Knight Fan Merchandise
    Forever Knight Fanzine Information (6/15/95)
    Forever Knight Fiction Bibliography
    Forever Knight Home Page
    Forever Knight Information
    Forever Knight Sub Home Page
    Forever Knighties!
    Natalie's Bed and Breakfast
    Nick Knight Hauptseite
    POTK home page
    Sabretooth's Vampyre Catalogue
    Save Forever Knight!
    Susan Garrett's Homepage
    The First Unofficial Forever Knight Website

    General SFTV

    Beauty and the Beast-Songs of the Blue Bird
    Bevis and Duncan's Science Fiction Page
    BUBL Information Service
    Cyber-Design Systems
    Mike's List of Links
    Quatermass TV & Film
    SciFi Actors list
    Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
    StarBase 101 Links
    Television - (Dr.Who, Monty Python, Red Dwarf, Secret City)
    The Dominion - FreeZone
    The Unofficial Sapphire and Steel Home Page

    Gerry Anderson

    Captain Scarlet
    Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
    Gerry Anderson Productions
    Gerry Anderson's Fireball XL5
    Gerry Anderson's Supercar
    Liz Dubas' Joe 90 page
    SPACE 1999 Page
    Steve's SCI-FI Stop: Space 1999
    SuperM - Spectrum Hovercraft

    UFO, the Brit tv show

    Directory of /public/media/tv/collections/tardis/uk/sci-fi/UFO
    Sci-Fi Channel: U.F.O.
    Tardis TV UFO Index Page
    The Science Fiction Gallery - Sci-Fi on British TV: UFO
    The Science Fiction Gallery - Sci-Fi on British TV: UFO
    The UFO page
    The World Of Kane`s UFO Page
    UFO Fan Club
    UFO Series Home Page
    UFO Series Home Page
    AltaVista - Web Page Results for: Gerry Anderson UFO

    AltaVista - Web Page Results for: "Gerry Anderson"


    Directory of /pub/highlander
    Highlander: There Can Be Only One
    HighlanderII: The Director's Cut
    The Highlander Web Page
    The Home Page of an Immortal
    The Official Highlander WWW, FTP, and HLFIC-L Archive Site.
    The Unofficial Highlander WWW, FTP, and HLFIC-L Archive Site.

    Hitchhiker's Guide/Dirk Gently/Doug Adams

    Dirk Gently's Detective Agency
    HHG/TNG Parody
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Home Page

    "The Invaders Home Page"

    Knight Rider

    Knight Rider
    Knight Rider Home Page
    The big list of Knight Rider sites.

    Lost in Space

    "Lost in Space"
    "Lost in Space" Trivia Challenge
    Link to the Lost In Space Page
    LIS future movie info
    Lost in Space
    Lost In Space
    Lost in Space Fannish Alliance

    Max Headroom

    Max Headroom Data
    Max Headroom Shrine
    The Dominion - Max Headroom
    The Max Headroom Homepage

    Paramount Pictures Online

    Quantum Leap

    `Quantum Leap' Handlink
    Accelerate 96
    Barbara's Homepage
    Dean Stockwell
    Directory of /ql-archive
    Index of /public/media/tv/collections/tardis/us/sci-fi/QuantumLeap/
    Julia Simon's list of Obsessed Leaper lists
    Leap Con 96 Recaps
    Pam's QL Page
    Quantum Leap
    Quantum Leap FAQL - Blue Version
    Sci-Fi Channel: Quantum Leap
    The Accelerator Chamber: The Quantum Leap WWW Page
    The Imaging Chamber
    The Quantum Leap Information Page
    QL timelines

    Red Dwarf

    Alt.tv.red-dwarf Homepage
    John's Red Dwarf Home Page
    Red Dwarf Home Page
    The All New Red Dwarf Home Page.
    The Red Dwarf Time Line

    Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion

    Sci-fi Site

    <= The SciFi Site =>
    <=The SciFi Site - Midi Archive=>
    The SciFi Site - Kolchak: The Night Stalker Main Page
    The SciFi Site - Something is Out There
    The SciFi Site - VR.5 Faq Index


    AltaVista: Simple Query +UPN +Sentinel
    UPN: The Sentinel
    UPN: The Sentinel First Season Air Schedule


    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Sliders""
    SLIDERS FAQ Web Page
    Sliders Slide into Cyberspace!
    Sliders Sound Page
    The GOSSAMER Archive
    Universal cHANnEL | SLIDERS
    The Nomad's Sliders Episode Ideas Page
    The ULTIMATE Sliders Web Ring

    Something Is Out There

    Star Trek


    Kira Home Page
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
    The *NEW* Deep Space Nine Archive

    General ST Info

    (The Spider's Web) Star Trek
    Ben's Star Trek Page
    British Starfleet Confederacy
    Directory of /pub/al/aleph/trek
    Directory of /pub/al/aleph/trek
    Mr. Video Productions Home Page

    Star Trek
    Star Trek Homepage in Graz, Austria
    Star Trek pg1
    Star Trek Toys
    Star Trek: WWW
    The Dominion - Grand Slam IV
    The Klingon Language Institute
    The Star Trek Archive
    The Star Trek Lost Episodes
    The Warp Drive ...
    United Federation of Planets Home Page
    USS Matrix Archives
    WWW Star Trek Homepage
    WWW Star Trek Picture Page
    XVR27's Star Treks Page.....
    YPN: Net Trek

    Star Trek: First Contact...on 11.22.96 Resistance Is Futile!


    Star Trek: The Next Generation 1
    Star Trek: The Next Generation 2
    Star Trek: The Next Generation: Syndication Notes
    The Darmok Dictionary
    The Q Continuum


    The Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Page


    Star Trek Voyager OHP
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Star Trek: Voyager
    Star Trek: Voyager News

    Fandom Star Trek Chronology

    Starcops FAQ


    Lois & Clark (Superman Homepage)
    The Krypton Club Home Page!
    Ultimate TV List: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

    The Flash

    The Flash Page
    Sci-Fi Channel - the Flash: FastForward

    The Prisoner
    The Ultra[man] FAQ

    Universal Channel

    HERCULES - Universal cHANnEL
    Universal cHANnEL: Xena: Warrior Princess


    The SciFi Site - VR.5 Faq Index
    Update: The Virtual Storm Information Center
    VR.5 Resources


    Ben's X-File Page
    Bureau of Federal Investigation - X Files Division
    David Duchovny's Home Page
    Dinan's - The X-Files - Web Page
    Falchion's Homepage: X-Files X-Files X-Files X-Files X-Files X-Files
    MCI/NewsCorp Front Page
    MorningStar's X-Files Links
    Official X-Files Fan Club
    Purity Control
    The GOSSAMER Archive
    The IDDG X-Files Page
    The SciFi Site - The X-Files Main Page
    The X-Files
    The X-Files
    The X-Files
    The X-Files
    The X-Files
    The X-Files Episode Guide (Main Page)
    The X-Files Exposed
    The X-Files UK
    X Files Terminal Now Accessed
    X-Files Competitive Exhibition
    X-Files Frequently Asked Questions
    X-Files: Trust No One!

    Yahoo! - News and Media:Television:Genres:Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror:Titles
    University Of Surrey - EE Dept - Contributed Material
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series Timeline
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series Timeline
    Studios USA Back to Back
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    SF Links

    We Want Bruce!


    Antares Home Page
    Baltimore 1998 Worldcon
    ConNotation - The Magician's UK Science Fiction Convention Listing (updated 19 Dec 1995)
    Dragon*Con 1996
    Home Page for MdiaWstCon
    MARCON Home Page
    Mike's Visions 95 Photo Page
    SFCH: Conventions
    Stilyagi Air Corps SF Convention List
    Visions '95 Home Page
    Welcome to the Who's 7 Home Page - October 26th & 27th 1996
    World Science Fiction Society / Worldcon
    Yahoo - Arts:Literature:Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror:Conventions

    Cult TV Net Directory: Futurists

    Doc Savage

    Doc Savage Start Page
    Doc Savage Web Page
    Doc Savage
    Doc Savage Unchained!
    Meet Will Murray - Author of the new Doc Savage books
    Doc Savage: Arch Enemy of Evil screenplay - Title page


    Firebird Arts & Music
    Firebird Music Online Catalog-homepage
    Random Factors Catalog

    General SFF Info

    <= The SciFi Site =>
    <= The SciFi Site =>
    <=The SciFi Site - SciFi Lists=>
    Atlanta Radio Theatre Company
    Avalon: The Legend Lives
    BDD: Home
    Beyond the Pale
    BUBL Information Service Web Server
    BUBL WWW Subject Tree - Science Fiction
    Directory of /pub/sf-lovers
    Genre: Other Sci-Fi
    Halloween at the Cabinet
    James Gifford's Home Page
    Links of Interest to Fandom
    Links of Interest to SF/F Writers and Fans
    NUKE Home Page
    Rob Henderson's Science Fiction Page
    Science Fiction
    Science Fiction & Fantasy 'Net Resources
    Science Fiction and Fact Pages
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Reviews Home Page
    Science Fiction Foundation Collection Home Page
    Science Fiction Resource Guide
    Southern Fandom Resource Guide
    The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
    The Dark October
    THE Fantasy Links Page
    The Official Dragon Lord Home Page
    U.S.S. Precursor, WorldTek Access Terminal, LCARS

    Hitchiker's Guide

    PGG for Windows
    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...on the WWW
    VHI's Interactive HHGttG

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Timeline
    Science Fiction Timeline Page

    SF Artists

    AAA Aardvark - WraithSpace Comics Index - AAA Aardvark - WraithSpace Comics Index:Creator:Charles Vess
    Charles Vess
    Deep Space Fantasy Uncut Sheets
    DV -> Image Galleries -> Comics Sketches Central

    SF Literature


    Ellison Webderland
    Emma Bull
    Information on the author Mercedes Lackey
    Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet's Homepage
    Peter David
    SFWA Home Page
    The Douglas Adams Worship Page
    The Douglas Adams Worship Page
    THE OWL SPRINGS PARTNERSHIP: Peter Morwood / Diane Duane
    The Robert A. Heinlein Home Page
    Web page on Steven Brust
    Will Shetterly
    AltaVista - Web Page Results for: "Larry Niven"


    Future Fantasy Bookstore - Home Page

    Fantasy Writer's Resources
    Science Fiction Weekly
    U of M Fantasy and Science Fiction Welcome Page
    Usenet Alternate History List, Overview
    Links to various vampire material
    >including Forever Knight.

    SFF Movies

    Batman Forever
    First Knight Now Playing

    Star Wars

    Star Wars Home Page at UPENN
    Star Wars Rendering Central
    The Ultimate Star Wars Links Page

    Star Wars

    LucasArts Entertainment Company
    Star Wars
    Star Wars Super Page
    The Boba Fett Home Page
    The Star Wars Web Site
    The Star Wars Web Site - Links
    The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Historical Webpage

    The Magrathea/SFTV Home Page
    The Matrix:Moron Cube

    Tolkien Info

    Middle Earth Home Page
    Taruithorn, The Oxford Tolkien Society
    The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
    The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page
    The Tolkien Language List (TolkLang)
    The Tolkien Society
    Tolkien's Oxford
    Verses from "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R.Tolkien

    TV Links
    TV Net -- The Ultimate TV Show List
    Uchronia: The Alternate History List
    Willnet's Sci-Fi Page
    Yahoo! - Entertainment:Television:Shows:Science Fiction:Titles
    Sci-Fi Wallpaper
    Back to the Future™ Time Travel Chronology
    Godzilla Chronology
    19. What sort of timeline do we have for the events that occurred in the film and book?
    Science Fiction Timeline Site . . . Larry Niven's Known Space . . .
    Douglas Adam's Timeline
    19. What sort of timeline do we have for the events that occurred in the film and book?

    Sounds and Music

    Adam Ant

    Adam Ant Biography
    Adam Ant Films
    Adam Ant home page
    Adam Ant Links
    Adam Ant Sounds
    AltaVista: Simple Query Adam Ant
    Marco Pirroni - Antics in the Forbidden Zone

    Alice Cooper

    The Quiet Room
    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Alice Cooper""
    Query: Alice Cooper

    Background music.

    Be Bop Deluxe

    AltaVista: Simple Query Bill Nelson
    Bill Nelson
    Bill Nelson - after the satellite sings
    Bill Nelson Biography
    Bill Nelson Discography

    ELP - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

    Frank Zappa

    MIDI Files
    St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
    Zappa Quote of the Day


    AltaVista: Simple Query Hawkwind
    Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind
    Christian's Alien Hawkwind Page
    David's Hawkwind Page
    David's MY SITE INDEX
    Discography - Hawkwind Top 100
    GEPR Search Results
    Gnome's Favorite Band: Hawkwind
    Hawkfrendz on the Web
    Hawkwind - Lord of Light (Catalog Entry)
    HAWKWIND - Visionary Video Releases
    Hawkwind (Bootlegs & Tapes)
    Hawkwind (Small Page)
    Hawkwind Homepage
    Illiustrated Collector's Guide to Hawkwind
    Julian Christou's Music Links - HAWKWIND
    JVK Home Page - Hawkwind & SF
    Literary Reviews
    Mark/Space: Anachron City: Library: Biographs: Michael Moorcock
    Martian John's Links
    No1 Electronics Links
    Official Hawkwind Website
    OzHawks: The Australian Hawkwind Appreciation Society
    photograficals of the hawksters
    Proposed Cover For Tape 1
    Randy's Hawkwind Universe
    Roadside America: Hawkwind Chuckhole
    Robert Calvert - the Spirit of the Page
    RPM Records
    Scatter's Lost Reality
    Shockwave Fun
    Sonique's Hawkwind 'Home' Page
    Stonehenge Campaign
    The Bear's Hawksite
    The Freak Emporium - New Arrivals
    The Golden Void
    The Sonic Music Site
    Woronzow Records Hot Links

    ManyMIDI Home Page


    The Fantasy and Science Fiction mailing list MIDI ARCHIVE
    Classical MIDI Archives - Liszt
    The Online Baptist Hymnal (1997/1991)
    MIDIWorld International
    AltaVista: Simple Query ""Pink Floyd"+"MIDI""

    The history and mystery of Gong
    The Theremin Home Page


    My Wav Page
    .WAV Catch a....

    Search Engines

    All-in-One Search Page
    AltaVista: Main Page
    Internet 800 Search
    New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
    Starting Points for Internet Exploration
    Submit It!: The Web Site Promotion Tool
    The Icon Browser
    WebCrawler Searching
    YPN: Welcome to Your Personal Net!

    Wav 1
    The Wav Page
    M-ONE's WAV's
    Wav 2
    The Wav Palace
    EarthStation1: HyperLinks Through the Known and Unknown Universe
    Mrs. Ruth A. Watson
    USS Matrix files--Sounds

    Weird Al

    "Weird Al": Bermuda's Index
    "Weird Al": Latest News
    The Ultimate "Weird Al" MIDI Page
    World Wide Web Yellow Pages Search Results

    Welcome to Black Sabbath!


    Tom's Xena Page - Your Source For Xena Downloads - www.xenafan.com
    Monty Python's Flying Circus
    Directory of /usenet/rec.arts.tv

    Discovery Channel/The Learning Channel

    Discovery Channel Online
    Discovery Channel's "nextstep"
    Welcome to Beyond 2000

    Granada Sherlock Holmes Episode Guide
    Hogan's Heroes!
    Mystery! Home Page
    Paramount Television
    Rat Patrol
    Rowan Atkinson
    Tardis TV Archive - US Guides
    The cathouse.org British Comedy Pages
    The Jeremy Brett Home Page
    The Sledge Hammer! Arsenal
    The Unofficial Addams Family World Wide Web Site
    TV Bytes: WWW TV Themes Home Page : By Patrick G. Kenny
    TV Net®
    TV Tonight
    WAGA-TV Atlanta: Programs
    Welcome to the Disney Channel Web Site!

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