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February 2024
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Issue 97 Volume 09 October 2005


Archives Editorial Serials and Long Fiction Poetry and Filk Music Short Stories Features Series


Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The Space Sphinx
Edward Rodosek
A mysterious monster intimidated the people on a distant planet. Peter, a young hunter engaged to trace and kill it, fell in love with the loca lbiologist Pat, but that didn't hinder him of chasing the monster. When Pat suddenly disappeared, Peter began searching her, but the outcome was beyond anything he could have imagined.

The Nameless Evil, Part Two (of Two)
Mizu Ash
If you like fantasy, read this story. If you don't like fantasy, read this story.

Hunting Season
All Professor MacFarland wanted was a pint of beer and a game of darts; what he got was something completely different in the way of entertainment.

Nightwatch: The Sin Watcher
jaimie l. elliot
What is more terrifying, the demons within or the demons without? The fate of the world hangs in the balance as Stephanie Keel confronts demons of all sorts.
A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

Michael Goldberger
Ladi was Jack Onger's imaginary friend. At least that's what his perpetually-arguing parents and the other kids at Jack's school thought. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

Fun House
J. Alan Brown
The barker told Evan Hendrickson that the Fun House — Smilin' Sam's Sudsy Hotel — was a scream. Later, Evan's father Matt would discover that sometimes there is truth in advertising …

New and Improved
Ezra T. Gray
The Prometheus implant was the latest thing — guaranteed to make you smarter, faster, stronger, better than steroids, even better than gene therapy and 'smart drugs' combined. And it worked! Of course, there were a few effects that weren't in the brochure…

Time Out
E. S. Strout
Taking the FTL ship da Vinci through the first wormhole ever discovered was supposed to take Evans and Rundquist further and faster than any human had ever traveled — if it didn't kill them. The results were beyond anything they could have imagined.

The Lost Days
G. C. Dillon
Time is a peculiar thing — in some ways, purely a construct of human consciousness. So when humans change the way they reckon time, some people can get lost in the transition. The wizard Megrim hoped to rescue a few — with the help of Tion the pixie …

Too Much Information
Sohrab Koohpaima
They say that a little information can be a dangerous thing. But sometimes, too much information in the wrong hands can be much, much worse.

The Visions of Carlos Rivera
Brian C. Petroziello
Carlos Rivera had been a man of the people. But when the revolution he led was successful, he became a murderous dictator worse than the despot he had overthrown. Then the old Mayan priest granted him even more power — a blessing and a curse.

Enter The Dragon
B. H. Marks
When one seeks vengeance to the exclusion of all else, one may find in the end that all the best laid plans go awry — if one picks the Mare Inebrium as a hunting ground.

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Poetry and Filk Music

Meat Machine
Bill Wolfe

Close Call in Cell Block 17
Tom Reynolds

Faded Dreams
Terri Wachowiak

The Colony
John McKevitt

Articles and features

There were no new articles or features in this issue

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