Aphelion Issue 289, Volume 27
November 2023
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Issue 96 Volume 09 September 2005


Archives Editorial Serials and Long Fiction Poetry and Filk Music Short Stories Features Series


Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The Laws of Magic
Joe Vadalma
When Detective Martin Kopinski got the missing person case, he thought he'd seen it all in his twenty years on the force. But dealing with the occult was beyond even his tough, cynical expertise, when murder, witchcraft, demonology, the Cthulhu and other dimensions are involved.

The Nameless Evil Part One (of Two)
Mizu Ash
If you like fantasy, read this story. If you don't like fantasy, read this story.

Nightwatch: Fly By Wire
Part Two (of Two)

Dan L. Hollifield
What was concealed
Shall stand revealed
In all its radiant glory.
Those secrets held
Shall be unveiled
And there hangs this story…

A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

Andrew Beatty
Wyclef had always been different, an outsider from the day he was born. But he didn't find out HOW different until the day he tried to end it all.

Battle Stations
Joel Callahan
The cargo ship Merchanter's Luck was making a routine visit to deliver goods to a farming colony in an isolated star system when the Privateer attacked. But the Luck and her crew had a few surprises in store for their murderous foes.

Born Under Punches
Mark Aspillera
With the government monitoring every step you take — or every step your shoes take — you'd better pick up the pace.

Libertas Scriptor
J. Philip Hamm
The members of Libertas Scriptor wanted to wipe forgotten literature from the data banks — to preserve it in its original paper and ink form, safe from tampering by the government of the day. That meant that Jason Runner would have to do the unthinkable if he wanted to see the books he was seeking …

One Night at Eddie's
George T. Philibin
John Temmels thought he was a pretty good pool player — until he met Eric. And when the strangers arrived to challenge Eric, John found out he'd been playing way out of his league.

Pixies' Lament
G. C. Dillon
Once the forest dwellers had lived in harmony with Men. But that time had long since passed, and the armies of Man were pushing the faerie folk to the edge of war.

Iain Darby
Josiah had lost everything. Joan was gone, and with her death, the joy had drained from Josiah's life. But when he found the forgotten shrine, he found much more.

The Yellow Leaf
Joel Doonan
What is a single dead leaf worth? To the people around the tree from which it falls, it is nothing — one pretty thing among thousands. But let it travel far enough, and it can become precious.

James Brian King
Dr. Benjamin Ellsworth knew that time travel was risky. A tiny misstep in the past could change everything. A trip into the future, on the other hand…

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Poetry and Filk Music

There was no new poetry or Filk in this issue.

Articles and features

Aphelion Interviews:
Gareth Powell

Chelsea Meyer
Long Awaited and well worth it!

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