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September 2023
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Issue 90 Volume 09 March 2005


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

The City
Bernard Hall
"The city was a dark place—and cold. Very cold.That was the one thing I remember best—how chilly the air always was. I would have thought that over 2,000 years of technology would have solved that problem. On the contrary, it just made it worse. In the absence of love, warmth, affection, things did grow very cold indeed."

Beyond the Gloaming
Dan Edelman
Raven Runechild has been summoned to the Seven Valleys to serve a Western mage in the war against an ancient coven of godlike witches. That's if he survives the journey.

Nightwatch: The Kindness of Strangers, Part One
Jeff Williams
Stuck in unfamiliar circumstances, Dr. Simon Litchfield tries to solve a mystery with little more to go on than the knowledge that 'something strange and dangerous' is happening—and that failure could mean the end of everything as he's known it.
A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

Frank Byrns
For Fran and Marcy, it's the kind of place to meet someone famous. For Shane, it's a place to score some dope, and maybe a chick. But for Adonis and his friends, Solitude is the best kind of bar: an anonymous place where nobody knows your name.

Sohrab Koohpaima
Meliktin Eos was the best man-tracker in the business. This time, his quarry were hiding on a world that had proven unlucky for anyone who ever tried to live or work there. His assignment: bring them in alive, so they could be exiled somewhere worse.

James I. Wasserman
Joseph Kaufman lost his sight in a terrible accident. The experimental procedure that gave him new vision was a blessing — wasn't it?

Never Say Die
Neil Carstairs
The cloned Empress Victoria is dead, vaporized a sunburst stealth dart. The powers that be are Not Amused, and those responsible are going to pay. All they need is a confession …

See You in Hell
Gregory Adams
Marv had lost everything to his various addictions — everything except his extraordinary chess-playing skills. He couldn't afford to lose his latest match — not if he wanted to live.

The Coming of the Ronsardi
A. J. Kenning
For centuries, people had come to the Tower of Storms, begging the Black Witch to stop the slow advance of the dreaded Ronsardi. She asked only one thing in return — a price that none had ever been willing to pay. But finally, with the enemy drawing near, the Wiccandi's demands had been met. Now it was the Ronsardi's turn to pay…

The Jazz-Jazz
Dan Edelman
Kai Ferracane, the ultimate soldier, the finest of the Dagian Guard, had surrendered without a fight. Now he was imprisoned in the dreaded Gaol Eerkes, surrounded by lethal security systems and dozens of elite Scorpio Gemfire troops. It really wasn't fair — to them.

The Man Who Was Pretending to Be a Lamp
D. Harlan Wilson
(And now for something completely different…) There once was a man who wanted to bring light into other peoples' lives. Really.

The Mind Robbers
Donald Sullivan
Al Rice must fight a duel to the death against the champion of the mind-stealing Gorojinh. The stakes: the souls and lives of countless people. The odds: not good…

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Poetry and Filk Music

Amanda Baxter

Ballad of the Fallen Angel
Pan Ee Pin

Fly Boom in My Room
David Jones

Goes Around, Comes Around
Jan Logsdon

Love in a Cold Place
Kelvin Bueckert

OI! People of Earth!
Gareth Lyn Powell

Articles and features

Dan Hollifield Reviews The Tower of Morkai
Book 3 of the Thran Chronicles by H. David Blalock.

Dan Hollifield Reviews After the War
the new novel by J.L. Navarro.

Dan Hollifield Reviews Gardens of the Moon
the new novel by Steven Erikson.

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