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November 2023
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Issue 87 Volume 08 November 2004


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Dan Hollifield

The Senior Editor's usual rants about whatever…

Serialised stories and Long Fiction

Swords in the Fire
Dan Edelman
Sailor Omen Swords thought the invasion of his island was harsh enough retribution for having slept with the sister of two strange landlubbing Westerners. But that didn't compare to what he got when he sought revenge on the brothers.

Shadows Of Europa
Jeff Hemsley
Caught between corrupt Intra-Solar Security officers and a Local Mob Boss, Thaddeus Edison Clinton runs as far from Earth as he can get, only to find it isn't far enough.

Nightwatch: Ghost Rockets of Sweden
John R. Murray
"A mad Russian rocket scientist. Is that two clichés or three?"
A new shared universe series: Nightwatch, under the direction of Jeff Williams.

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Short Stories

Hollywood Ending
Frank Byrns
Zen Jackson found himself surrounded. He couldn't run and he couldn't hide.

In the Lake of Golden Sunsets
Frederick Rustam
A retired Imperial soldier must face the truth about his life.

Queen Lysandra
Linda J. Dunn
When Queen Lysandra learned of the king's murder, she had to find a way to thwart the assassin's scheme to take power.

Robert Moriyama
Timmy Morgan had a secret. He knew something that no one else — and especially, no grownup — knew, or even suspected. Timmy knew that shadows were alive, that they were parasites (a big word, but Timmy understood it all too well) that clung to everything …

The End of The Beginning
Noel Carroll
Seventeen thousand years of life is enough for anyone. Or is it?

The Psychic Warrior
Donald Sullivan
Since he had first learned of and developed his psychic powers, Al had learned to control them from the start. He could turn his telepathy on and off at will. And a good thing, too, for he had no desire to hear the secret thoughts of others. More voices began to filter into Al’s mind, and moments later it was a babble of voices. A sequel to "The Zenin Menace"

We Can Remake You
Greg Guerin
There was a knock on the door- the first time in a thousand years, not counting Brian's practical joke on Usula three hundred years ago. The sub-sonic reverberation accompanied by a sharp electrical discharge woke everyone in the Herman Munsfeld clinic except Brian and Herman; Herman was deeply entranced in the sleep machine- it would take considerably more effort to rouse him- and, technically, Brian never slept.

Wingles and Wafoons
Vera Searles
He was staring at a sign across the aisle, and noted that Edna was still haggling. Herb walked over to the opposite booth. The sign read WINGLES AND WAFOONS in large green letters with a border of shamrocks. Probably he saw that sign when they were here last week. Still feeling befuddled, Herb looked at the display. Jars. Empty Mason jars?

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Poetry and Filk Music

Dead Pan
Gary William Crawford

My Children
Ron Bruno

He's Your Thorns to Bear
The Rev Theresa Jackson

The Benefit of Unions
Iain Muir

Imagination and Reality at Play
Rayn Roberts

Star Sailor
Dan Hollifield & Jim Parnell

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Articles and features

The Pollwatchers!
Cary Semar
Cary Semar turns his eye towards the political scene…

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